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    So, I've been pouring over the posts here for months (okay, so I don't know how much I've gotten out of the various science-y posts, but I'm reading them nonetheless), and I realized just today that I've totally drank the GradCafe koolaid. I've found this particularly true in read the frequent "what are my chances?" posts. Heck, I think my first post not too many months ago was one of them, and I mean no judgment against those who post them- I get it. Your/my first concern is "Oh my gosh, can I do this???" and everyone's natural reaction in to search for some way of quantifying our chances (because we are people and people like numbers. I like numbers... okay that's a lie- I like pictures and not numbers). But still, when I'm waiting for a bus or train, I want to know exactly how many minutes/seconds its running late, and when I'm taking a test, I mentally divide up exactly how much time each question is allotted. I always look to see how many times various people have posted, even if it means nothing whatsoever. I think maybe its because numbers are strangely comforting? "I know nothing, but I have numbers to soothe myself!"

    So what I've realized lately is that there's absolutely no numbers whatsoever for me to take comfort in (no matter how many times people ask me what the average admitted "put statistic type here" is for the schools I'm applying to, the answer is still going to be "I don't know"). But thanks to GradCafers kindly reminding every "what are my chances" poster that there's more to it than just numbers, and exceptions for every kind of assumption, I've sort of been able to let go of it.

    I'm applying to schools. I really like the ones (9) I picked. I really hope I get in, but have absolutely no expectations about one school or another. Regardless of their names or ranks (I'm doubtful about the very existence of any kind of ranking for my exact interests anyways)- I don't have any better (or worse) chances of getting into any of them. Of course I have favorites (I have a favorite of everything: pair of socks, type of macaroni and cheese, pencil), but that doesn't mean I'm any more or less likely to get in. I'm just doing my best, and hoping some adcom out there really thinks I'm rad. All in all, I'd like to thank the GradCafers for chilling me out (I am, like, at peace with the process, man...woahhh).
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