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  1. Adorable. He is simply wonderful. Perhaps name him "Max"? I love how calm he is, considering he is in a new place and some random woman is taking a photo of him! But the very best thing of all is that he will love you unconditionally, regardless of admissions results. Idea/Solution: all GradCafe members visit their local pound and adopt dogs prior to result deadlines. We get comfort, they get a home. Everybody wins!

  2. I've been told by programs and professors alike that there is a bit of wiggle room for LORs to be received. The deadlines are for all of your submitted materials but schools know that professors might be a few days late and shouldn't hold it against you since it is ultimately our of your control. Even after the deadline, there is still a week or two of processing that occurs before the adcom looks at your application. If it is an organized program, they might email you if they still haven't received your letter by the time they process it to be sent to the adcom. If at that point it still hasn't been received it probably won't be marked as complete or ready for review. My point being: You've probably still got a couple of days. I don't think they'll throw out your application just because a LOR wasn't received until tomorrow or the next day.


    This. Two of my letter writers submitted all of my LORs after application deadlines, with the exception of one deadline. That's right: all of them except one. In fact, one of those letter writers did not even begin to upload responses until one and a half weeks after most of my December deadlines. While it was horrible to wait, I knew that the reason they had little inclination to be on-time was that late letters are quite typical. 


    Programs face a hefty amount of processing, and it is highly unlikely that an application will be suitably compiled for review immediately after the deadline. This means that items may trickle in afterward, without significant issues. For several of these programs, I received a polite e-mail denoting the exact items that were missing from my application. Some even expressed a hard deadline for receiving those materials (which happened to be two weeks after the deadline).


    Should you receive a formal e-mail from a program notifying you of a late letter, forward it to your writer. However, e-mails are so easy to ignore. Within a reasonable amount of time (e.g. enough to allow for him to act on the previous message of the e-mail request, which may be a several business days), call him. As a cover, you can easily just say that you were worried that something may have happened, and were simply checking-in. 

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