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    Pennsylvania, USA
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    Sociology, Philosophy, Reading, writing, spending time with my two dogs (dainty, tiny basset hound named Bo, only 70 pounds; diva cocker spaniel named Jack), lucid dreaming, eating hot and sour soup.

    Areas of Interest in Sociology: Medical sociology (specifically reproduction), religion, gender.
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Hi all! My time applying to programs is officially finished. I had two great application cycles in 2014 & 2016, and Grad Cafe really got me through the agonizing waiting game! Please feel free to PM me any questions. I'll try to log in as often as possible.

I've applied to the following sociology programs:

MA, 2014 cycle:

- University of Maryland (rejected) 

- University of Delaware (accepted) 

- Lehigh University (accepted, attended) 

PhD, 2016 cycle:

- Emory University (rejected) 

- Brandeis University (rejected) 

- Vanderbilt University (rejected) 

- Rutgers University (accepted) 

- CU Boulder (accepted) 

- UC Davis (accepted) 

- NC State (accepted) 

- University of Delaware (accepted, attending) 




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