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  1. Just one more campus visit (out of five) until I make my decision! I should make a decision by next week ... how intense!

  2. Had my first interview today ... it went well, from what I gather! Yay!

  3. Heard from my first program today, and it was a rejection. Oh well! 

    1. kingslayer


      Aww, I'm sorry bb! Sending positive thoughts your way!

    2. med latte

      med latte

      Hugs! Hang in there! 

  4. Guess what, guys? I get to do this all over again this Fall! That's right; I'll be applying for PhD programs! I'll be back here ruminating with y'all. Looking forward to it!

  5. First semester complete. Great time being a TA and learning so much.

    1. AKCarlton


      I'll be TA-ing in the Spring and am very excited! I hope just one student shows up for my office hours.

    2. Soleil ت

      Soleil ت

      I've been a TA for the last four semesters, and it's genuinely my favorite part of my MA program.

  6. Officially attending Lehigh University's MA program in sociology beginning in August!

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    2. EngineerGrad


      CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I always get too excited when I see ppl making decisions)

    3. glm


      Congrats!!! Beautiful campus! Love the area!

    4. gingin6789


      Thank you all so much!! I am so excited, too!!! :-D @munashi, I actually am from and live in PA now :-D

  7. My wait is OFFICIALLY over! I've been officially accepted to Lehigh University and the University of Delaware. I couldn't be happier!

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    2. iPsych



    3. the_sheath


      Super congrats!

    4. gingin6789


      Oh my goodness, thank you so much, awesomebird, phderp, munashi, ipsych, and sheath!! You are all amazing!! :-D

  8. Had the best time this weekend at a conference, and I have heard back from all schools I've applied to *deep breath* now time to make some decisions!

    1. PhDerp


      Awesome! :DD

    2. gingin6789


      Thank you, PhDerp!! I'm sure you know, but your username is awesome!

  9. So much happening this week! Two calls of good news Monday (acceptance and invite to recruitment weekend) and another conference tomorrow! So excited!

  10. This conference is absolutely exhausting ... but so worth it and so much fun!

  11. My first conference is in two days! I'm simultaneously elated, honored, and nervous!

    1. Academicat


      You'll be awesome. It feels good to jump into the scholarly conversation.

    2. gingin6789


      Awww thank you, Academicat! This is a fairly relaxed and nurturing conference, from what I've been told =) We sit at a table of about four others and present our findings in a roundtable format. My professor told me that her table-mates would ask "So, what story will you be telling today?" and folks will be eating their breakfast at the table and everything ... I hope it feels as much like a meal with friends/family as it sounds! =)

  12. Very thankful for all of the help and support I've received on the forums and through messages. It is great to be here!

  13. No crazy acceptance/rejection dreams last night. I did, however, have a dream where my mom "drove" a hovering chair around. She drove it like a maniac.

  14. No crazy acceptance/rejection dreams last night. I did, however, have a dream where my mom "drove" a hovering chair around. She drove it like a maniac. Again, my dream standards are crazy.

  15. Dream update: two nights ago, dreamed I got accepted with funding of $100,000. Last night, dreamed I got accepted to two schools and won $6,000 from scratch-off lotto tickets. My dream standards are HIGH!

    1. Monochrome Spring

      Monochrome Spring

      It's okay. I had a dream that I won every fellowship I had applied to/been nominated for and had a $40k stipend for 5 years. We can dream.

    2. gingin6789


      Sweet dreams indeed, Monochrome!! Yours is an excellent dream! I also had a dream that the adcom was judging my application in the way the judges deliberate on America's Next Top Model: "Girl, you're clearly commercial qualitative, but you're not as strong in high-fashion quantitative. Your qualitative edged out your quantitative. That's why you're going home today ... "

    3. Monochrome Spring

      Monochrome Spring

      That would be a very traumatizing dream indeed.

  16. New to Grad Cafe, and I love it!!

    1. pears
    2. gingin6789


      Thank you, @pears! Everyone has been so welcoming so far, and that makes this site even better! =)

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