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  1. On 12/27/2016 at 10:14 AM, OmarComin' said:

    I sent applications to USF, FSU, MSU, UMSL, and UD.  I'm glad to have that over with, but now the waiting begins.  

    Does anyone know what the interviews, if the school conducts them, typically consist of?

    Very late to the party; I do apologize! I'm currently at UD (in sociology, which is the same department as criminology here). I was actually invited to visit twice. The first year (2014), UD invited top candidates without offering acceptances/funding. They told me "we really love your application, but we can't make an offer just yet." They made their decisions after the visit. However, it was never framed as an interview, and you weren't sat down in a room with your POI and grilled or anything! It was a nice visit where we got to meet faculty and graduate students over meals and on campus.


    The second year (2016, after going to a different master's program), I was happily surprised to find that they offered acceptance and full funding *before* inviting top candidates to visit. 



    So, they seemed to have switched from the "we are interested in you; visit us and then we'll make our decisions" model to the "we accept you to our program, come on over to visit" model. 

    This could, of course, change. Idk much about what's going on with the decision process at the moment, as I'm still out of state (classes don't start til February here). But current students were invited via email to recruitment events that take place in early March. I sadly won't be at the opening dinner, which they have scheduled during class :-(


    Best of luck to you all. I hope this is helpful in some way. I know during the 2014 & 2016 cycle, I was looking for any morsel of information I could, to get me through... It's such a trying process, this entire thing, and especially the waiting. 

  2. Hi, all! *plops down in thread and rolls about*

    it's been a while since I've been here! Blargh!

    Semester is finally coming to a close. Thesis is finished. Students take their final exam on the 17th. I walk at graduation on the 23rd.

    I've been so fortunate and am honored to have received a Research Assistantship at the University of Delaware that begins this summer. I'll be interviewing women and providers about their experiences with contraception and reproduction, so this is right up my alley in terms of research interests. I'm very excited, and again, just so thrilled and flattered to have been offered this position before I've even started attending their PhD program!!

    I probably won't be as active on grad cafe. I've met so many wonderful friends on here!! 

    Please, follow me on on instagram, or Private Message me for my facebook name. I would love to keep in touch with you all. My instagram is public: gingin6789 (totally surprising username, I know).

  3. 4 hours ago, MyLife2016 said:

    Finally rejected by Brandeis; that took so long. One out of two isn't bad :P. Sooooo excited about my Maryland acceptance :D.

    Maryland is an EXCELLENT program!  Are you officially committing to Maryland then?? Don't feel bad about Brandeis; they are SUPER selective and only take two or three students each year (if I remember correctly). I also got rejected by Brandeis!

    @EdSocPhD CONGRATULATIONS!!! So happy for you!

  4. On 4/10/2016 at 11:54 PM, hillary511 said:

    I feel like I toot my own program's horn a lot, but we definitely have both at CU Boulder (I do mixed and health).

    I was actually going to suggest CU Boulder as well, especially since I had the chance to visit the program and see what it's all about. 

  5. 14 hours ago, fuzzylogician said:

    Definitely ok. And since we're doing that: 

    On the discussion board for the class, in the past couple of weeks:

    • Student A: can you clarify what to do in Question 3? Your question is very poorly written. (No. That's not the problem.)
    • Student B: When you say "for each of the following sentences, do XYZ", do I need to do it for each sentence separately, or for all of them together? I find this very confusing. (You used "each" in your question so I know you understand what it means. How are you possibly confused?)
    • Student C: I propose that Prof. Logician drop the lowest assignment score from our final grade. Many of my professors have done so in the past when assigning frequent work. It would help all of us get better grades. (Seriously??) 

    Also, there is the student that a TA just caught cheating. Sigh. 

    *shakes head* unbelievable!! *huge sigh* Yes, they propose Prof Logician drop the lowest assignment because this class is obviously a democracy where students get to decide how the assignments are graded *sarcasm/eye roll*

  6. Just wanted to say "thank you" to everyone for this thread. I've been having a really hard time with this lately, so it helps to know I'm not alone.

    This is my third semester TAing for Intro to Sociology. This semester, students didn't do too well on the first exam. The exam was four short-answer questions, and the exam was worth 100 points. If students missed and/or did not fully incorporate certain concepts into their answers, they received 10 points off, minimum. 

    One thing I've used to combat negative energy from students who "aren't satisfied" with their grade (aren't satisfied AS IF they didn't EARN their grade), is a cooling-off period. Students must wait 48 hours after receiving their exam back before contacting me about their exam.

    This has worked phenomenally in the past, until now. Students have waited 48 hours, but they seem to think that, after 48 hours, they're allowed to contact me to negotiate their grade. This isn't a marketplace where you barter for exam points!! They've been saying things like "I do not think I deserved 20 points taken off" or "I understand losing points but is there any way that I can get some points back and not lose 10?" Um. Excuse me. I don't give grades; students earn them.

    I know part of this tendency to try to get me to change their grade has to do with my gender and age (26F), but I think it also has to do with the demographics of my students. I'm at a predominantly white, wealthy, male campus where there's "engineering, business, and then everything else." They call the College of Arts & Sciences the College of Arts & Crafts. So I think they go into this class taking it as a joke since it's (1) an intro class and (2) sociology (so it CAN'T be hard, right??? Right??).

    I basically end up showing these students the grading guide that the professor authored and the TAs agreed upon and show them all the things we're looking for. If they email me about it, I copy and paste from the grading guide and make sure to note that they received these concepts in class, the prof repeated them OFTEN in class (students complain about her being repetitive), and that they've had half the semester to familiarize themselves with the material. So yeah, if they miss a component, 10 points is indeed justified on a 4-question, short answer, 100-point exam.

     I hope some of these strategies help you all, but I mainly just needed to vent. I hope that's ok.

  7. 2 hours ago, hippyscientist said:

    ummm...oh my god.

    oh my god.

    I got accepted to my top choice with full funding & moving costs.

    oh my god.

    The #1 school in the world for what I want to do wants me. :o 

    is this real?

    YAY I'm so happy for you!! *Throws confetti for you* That's amazing!!!


    (Side note: I'm still alive, guys. Just doing a lot of visits and conferences hahahhaha *starts crying a little*)

  8. 1 minute ago, Neist said:

    Something that might be an option, if you decide to stay, is altitude sickness drugs do exist. You have to take them for a week or two beforehand, if memory serves, but they might help!

    My application season is pretty much over. My decision should be finalized by the end of the week. Exciting! I want to share my leanings here on grad cafe, but I should probably wait until I make my choice official.

    Wow, thanks for the tip! That's awesome advice.

    I know how you feel! I also have leanings, but I also have two more visits! We'll see what the future holds!

  9. Just now, Neist said:

    Wow! That sort of interaction would definitely impact my perception of a program. I know that's probably a shallow judge of quality, but that faculty member sounds like someone I'd like to be around. :) 

    Thankfully, altitude sickness usually goes away after a week or so. If you decide to go, it should disappear! I'm glad your visit went well though. 

    Yeah it was amazingly kind of her to do all that for me! She really went out of her way for me! Later on, in a one-on-one with another professor, she told me that the body starts making more red blood cells after being at a higher altitude for a little while?? I think that is just so cool! 

    Thank you! I still have two more visits (and a conference) so still lots of travel, but it's been fun so far, albeit exhasuting!

  10. The Boulder visit was great! Got back late last night.

    I've never seen scenery quite as beautiful as Boulder ... those mountains are so picturesque, they look fake! Almost like someone hung up a giant backdrop photo. 

    I did get sick from the altitude though.

    We were chatting with department faculty after breakfast, but I had to sit down. So I sat down in an inconspicuous place and tried to catch my breath and feel better.

    Then, a professor walked by, chuckled lightly, and asked "All talked out?" I told her I just wasn't feeling right ... something was off, and I think it was the altitude. 

    "Want a quiet place to sit?" she asked. She then walked me to her office, and immediately directed me to the "comfy chair," her own office chair behind her desk. She then offered me tea (she had a variety of flavors) with raw honey from her student's beekeeping farm.

    She told me to sit as long as I needed, and that she'd be at meetings back-to-back for a while, and simply instructed me to lock her door after I left.

    It was one of the nicest interactions I've experienced on a visit yet! It was good to know profs truly care!

  11. 45 minutes ago, Windmills said:

    I was just doing my daily status check online and saw that I had gotten in to a safety school at the end of January...

    I work from home and one day a few weeks later I got a push notification on my phone and saw an email with the subject line "Admission Decision: Con..." when it cut off. I scrambled to my email and saw that the rest of it read, as it looked, "Congratulations!" I was pretty pumped since this is a highly ranked program and the better version of the safety that I had been accepted to earlier.

    Afterwards, I was curious and checked the status page for my top choice school and saw that after months of nothing (it was my earliest deadline too), my status had changed to "Accepted" and the page had a new set of "Congratulations!" and accepted information. This particular program isn't all that popular or selective, but it's at a good, nationally recognized school that I didn't think I'd be able to get into—especially coming from a small, no-name undergrad. I never cry from happiness, but I certainly did then. I went and hugged my dog and told her the good news. Then I composed myself and texted my sister who was at work but immediately called me back to confirm; I couldn't contain myself during the conversation. She seemed just as surprised as I was. I definitely didn't get any more work done that day.

    The next day, I was back to work when I got another email on my phone. It was an acceptance to another top program at an even higher ranked school that I thought would be even harder to get into. I was all cried out from the day before, but I think I was more shocked than anything anyway.

    Congratulations! The part about your dog made me tear up with happiness. The tears are partly cause I miss my pups (one of which is my little avatar pic). 

    Isn't it wonderfully overwhelming getting offers in such a short time-span? Ride that high: now is the time to celebrate!

  12. Just now, hippyscientist said:

    As long as your food isn't liquids you should be fine. I've never had a problem.

    Sheesh 35mins is cutting it fine - run like the wind girl!!!

    Yeah, my inexperience definitely showed when booking my travel. I was so focused on getting good seats/prices, I neglected to factor in that layover time. *facepalm*

    Thanks for the tip about the food!

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