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  1. So excited to be accepted into a PhD program at Queen’s University!  It’s been my dream to obtain a PhD, and now I’m one step closer!

    1. fuzzylogician


      Yay! Congrats! 

  2. Excited that we might be moving to Germany in a bit!  Loved my time there from 2006-2010! :wub:

  3. Just awarded a scholarship for "academic excellence" after completing my first year of graduate studies.  I don't care what anyone says - grades DO matter, even if it's only for scholarships. :)

  4. One manuscript under review, a second will be sent to me for edits this week. Third author on both, but I'm happy!

  5. Submitting my first manuscript to a journal! Third author, but that's better than nothing!

    1. Threeboysmom



    2. Jay's Brain

      Jay's Brain

      Congrats! Any authorship is good authorship!

    3. felinebookworm
  6. RIP Leonard Nimoy. I will never get to meet Mr. Spock. :(

    1. .letmeinplz//


      The new one is still running around somewhere

  7. Going to miss the first day of the winter term tomorrow. The time has come to put our youngest little girl to sleep. She has FIP and has stopped eating. Can't stop crying.

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    2. ReallyRiley


      I'm so sorry! ):

    3. windrainfireandbooks


      I am so, so sorry to hear this. Your little girl will no longer be suffering, though I know that does not make the pain of the loss any less. I am sending virtual love and hugs.

    4. Threeboysmom


      So, sorry one of my cats that I raised from a kitten we had to put her down for this condition. I was out of moms house married etc. and I came home to be with mom when we put the cat down. Mom was strong I was an emotional wreck. Hugs!

  8. Our youngest cat (2.5 years) is dying of FIP. Going to be so hard to go back to class Monday. I'm going to be afraid every night that I'll come home and she'll be gone, without us there to keep her company during her last hours. Oh, and I hit my head again while still not recovered from my previous concussion. Things are obviously not good right now.

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    2. RunnerGrad


      Thanks all. We're hoping we know when it's time to let her go. She currently is behaving normally, just with less energy than usual, so we hope she's not in pain or uncomfortable. All my precious cats have died of old age (18 to 20 years of age) so I've never had to deal with losing one so young.

    3. RunnerGrad
    4. Threeboysmom


      Sorry, I know how hard this is. Hugs.

  9. Finished my first assignment and now I'm making freezer-friendly meals for the next couple of weeks. Thank goodness for our deep freeze!

  10. The course schedulse for the fall and winter semesters have been posted. I'll have class three days a week each semester, plus a bunch of Fridays (but not every Friday) for the fall. The TA assignments available have also been published! I'm getting very excited! :)

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