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  1. sseraphin, Yeshiva has a great social work program. I'm guessing the reason no one really talks about it is because it is a Jewish university? I think the student population is a very specific group...not 100% sure, but that would be my guess. If anyone knows differently, please correct me!
  2. I went to Tufts undergrad, and I honestly think you can't go wrong with Fletcher (although I admittedly have little knowledge of how it compares to Heinz). As far as Tufts go, I really can't talk enough about how much I love it, and Fletcher has an incredible reputation. I don't think you would have any trouble getting a job at all in your field with a degree from Fletcher. As an undergrad, I was able to attend lectures sponsored by Fletcher that were incredible - Bill Clinton and John Kerry. AND it's part of Tufts, so really, it's a no brainer Good luck!
  3. Me too! I got the scholarship email quickly followed by the acceptance email...I think admissions is really struggling this year!
  4. HKsai, did they e-mail you or just put it up on Albert? and meep15, hi! has Silver acknowledged your enrollment? I enrolled like two weeks ago and still haven't gotten any kind of communication from them!
  5. I was also an undergrad at Tufts (Class of 2012), and I majored in psych (with a concentration on developmental psych) and child development. I personally think everything having to do with Tufts is seriously amazing I spent a lot of time at both the Psychology building and Eliot-Pearson (the Child Development school), and had wonderful experiences at both. I worked for a grad student in the psych lab who did a couple of studies involving children and their views on race - we did testing at Eliot-Pearson, and Tufts also has a partnership with the Museum of Science in Boston, so we went out th
  6. I had the same question...I emailed financial and and they said the number is per year! Congrats everyone, by the way!
  7. I got accepted to the two-year program! But my application was submitted in October, when was yours completed? Also, has anyone heard yet about NYU scholarships yet?
  8. Make that two, got my acceptance email from NYU this morning! No word on scholarship/financial aid info yet though, I'm sure that'll be another six months
  9. I completely agree with everything lifesaver has said, but I wanted to let you know, acw, that my stats were similar/less than yours and so far I have been accepted to Columbia (with a $2,000 a semester scholarship) and Fordham (no financial aid info yet from Fordham) (I am still waiting to hear from NYU and Hunter). I went to a small liberal-arts school for undergrad and had a 3.39 gpa at graduation with child development/psychology/French majors. As far as experience in the field, I have, relative to you, very little. I did a little work in high schools throughout college and I am curre
  10. Which two schools? I applied for the traditional two year programs at four NYC schools and haven't heard anything yet from NYU or Hunter. I wouldn't stress too much, it seems like the NYC schools are taking their time
  11. Has anyone other than beyond_dreamz heard from NYU? It's my first choice and I am dyingggg waiting to hear! I applied in late October.
  12. mine still says pending program decision!
  13. StanleeCelloni, I got my Fordham e-mail at 7:15 in the morning!
  14. Hey guys! Anyone else making this decision? I'm still waiting on NYU and Hunter, but I figured I'd narrow it down between Fordham and Columbia since I have acceptances from both. Any thoughts?
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