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  1. I have a question for Old Bill. I feel stuck and need a little friendly guidance. I have been teaching High School ELA for 15 years (on and off), and have a M.A. in Humanities from a cheapo California State Uni. My unofficial mentor in the work world told me to get an English M.A. if I want to teach English at a community college...they only want square pegs to fit square holes- won't look at a Humanities degree. Now I have a couple of problems...

    1. Go for an additional M.A. online (Arizona State, University of Texas/Tyler)

    2. Try and get a Phd. (might mean taking time off work and running up a lot of debt)

    3. Find a program that connects my education to work at the college level... research/qualifications that turns into a teaching post.

    My life goals have been to get out of the teen world and start working with adults. This is the master plan. I am just not clear about how to get there.

    Cheers! Barnaby (England fan- UK national living in Los Angeles)

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