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  1. Looks like you might have been admitted or waitlisted...should find out tomorrow You can get in off the waitlist, it just varies year to year...
  2. Did Skowhegan last year and it was amazing! Is there anyone who's waiting on ACRE and Vermont Studio Center?
  3. Rejected UT Austin Fellowship offer on Monday! If anyone's on the waitlist for painting, there should be something opening up. I'm headed to UCLA!!!!
  4. Received UCLA Graduate Opportunity Fellowship today!
  5. Visiting UT next week and I think it will help me decide if I could pick them in the event that I do not recived the Graduate Opportunity Fellowship from UCLA...
  6. Waitlisted at Northwestern. But I'm definitely not interested and withdrew my application!
  7. Ayeeee!! Congrats! Did you hear about UCLA 31 Million dollar studios, they look fresh af!
  8. Zander

    Yale MFA 2019

    I just about did everything to ensure I get a rejection from Yale again, oops! Should have not applied again! Good luck everyone!
  9. Zander

    Yale MFA 2019

    @henryfive Last year I received my decision on Fri, Mar 9, 2018, 4:25 PM.
  10. interdisciplinary studio acceptance has gone out, had a friend who got in. Hearing that it was one of the strongest application years
  11. My in-person Northwestern interview went well but their studios are very, very sad. After speaking with current students I have some concerns have been debating on withdrawing my application.
  12. UCLA notified me via email and also I heard that another person received an impromptu phone interview earlier in the week for painting.
  13. Very late last night I received two painting interview request from two different painting faculty at UCLA lol! I'm unsure if the two interview request is a mistake on UCLA part, their admission process is so obscure--who knows!
  14. The MFA grad advisor attempted to call me, but instead received a UT Austin Painting acceptance via email! Nominated for a recruitment fellowship through the University, which includes a full scholarship, free health insurance, and a more than a generous living stipend. The email goes on to mention that their decision was unanimous, which make me feel truly wanted at their program.
  15. Shouts out to Northwestern for providing funds to offset traveling cost for in-person interviews.
  16. For painting, they said they're taking 3 for sure, but they're trying to see if they can get 4. There are 8 painters currently in the program now.
  17. UT-Austin painting interview went well, no in-depth specific questions were asked about the work--they just want me to expand on my personal statement. Should here back before March!
  18. Zander

    Yale MFA 2019

    I interview on Feb 28th, and I would say let's meet for drinks but I'm gonna be too broke trying to afford to get to Yale's mandatory interview. Congrats to those offered interviews and for those who weren't, you may have saved yourself coins and for that, I envy you!
  19. Can't speak for other disciplines but Yale painting has definitely taken folks straight out of undergrad and they've definitely interviewed undergrad candidates.
  20. My interview is scheduled for Sunday morning. The tone of the email suggested that they were trying to squeeze all of the painting interviews for Friday and throughout the weekend.
  21. Those of you with Gradcafe profiles I encourage you in helping current and future applicants out by kindly listing the school applied to this cycle. You can do this by going to the (Profile > Account Setting > Signature).
  22. Email from Northwestern for an interview today.
  23. Received official Skype interview email notification at midnight for an interview with two painting faculty and one current painting student. They are trying to fit all painting interviews for this Friday and throughout the weekend. The program is super small, looks like they might only take 2 or 3 painters a year.
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