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    Zander reacted to hello_lauren in Schools whose programs you never hear about   
    I feel like there are loads of programs that are well-funded at good schools, but I never hear about their MFA programs. For example, Tulane, Notre Dame, and Michigan. 
    I feel like it's smart to go where the money is, but is there any risk of applying to less prestigious (or perceived as less prestigious) programs?
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    Zander reacted to IWasaTeenApe in Can You Be Too Young For Grad School?   
    I applied for grad school straight out of undergrad. Got my Masters at the age of 24 (two months shy of 25) It's been a year since I graduated but I wasn't the only one I knew who did it. It depends on the school usually but it does happen. 
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    Zander reacted to workwoman in Alternate plans - 2014   
    I'm not against waitressing or any other manuel/parttime/minimum wage job, and I will probably get one soon. But I can't help but resent the idea that I will be spending a large majority of my time at a poor paying job and sacrificing time I could spend improving my portfolio, artist's resume, and applications.  Another worry of mine is finding studio space.  I live in small town Michigan--rainy, cold, hot, windy, bugs, etc.--so painting outside is sometimes an option, but never reliable and I'm pretty sensitive to fumes...so I'm worried about funding my materials and studio space.
    I think you make a good point about learning to self motivate--that's another future task I find daunting!
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    Zander reacted to ssart in post MFA career advice   
    Hey there, 
    young(ish) artist seeking career advice. I studied painting at a community school as a youth, then went to Stanford University and majored in art and writing. I have always been very determined to have a successful career as a painter and would like to eventually teach on the graduate level or support myself from my work. After undergrad I was super cocky and applied to a number of programs, but only got into SFAI (duh... I was so young I barely knew how to write a statement!) I received full funding at SFAI, and although it was not my top choice school I felt like it would be stupid not to go because it was a free MFA. I taught painting at a school in San Francisco and in various PreCollege programs after finishing, but didn't feel as though I had any time to work because of my day job and my connections weren't panning out. I moved to a cheaper location, but I'm struggling with feeling stuck in general.  Not sure how to proceed. Anyone ever done a second MFA? Certificate program? Fulbright? I feel like I jumped through all the hoops early and not am now making art into a black hole. At 27 I'm young a little look for a teaching position, no one takes me seriously. I miss having an art community and wish I had based my school selection on working with specific faculty rather than the imagined pressure to go immediately to graduate school.
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    Zander reacted to rilakkuma in So I got rejected by SAIC for the Post-Bacc...   
    ...and I am not mad about it but I am angry with how it came about and here's why:
    I applied for the Post-Baccalaureate in Visual Communication Design and sent in my application and slideroom portfolio on January 8, 2014. I had the confirmation number and everything. However, I did not pay the $80 application fee because there was a glitch in the system and my card would not go through. So they gave me a waiver.
    During the admission process, I was expected to hear an answer in March but the admissions people and the professors have been very unhelpful. Whenever, I asked about when letters would go out, no one gave me a clear answer. When I asked questions or had concerns about the program, people kept directing me to the Visual Communications department and the head person was never there or they were impatient with me. The responses were flaky and unprofessional. One woman even told me that I never handed in my transcript but I did and she had to find it while I was on the phone with her.
    Then they pushed the deadline for the post-bacc up to April! They told me to expect a response in April.
    I had to email them again telling them that I did not get a response on the week of Monday, April 14 like they said. Come to find out the man claims he never saw my portfolio before and questioned whether or not I sent it; he also told me that they already have their incoming class. WHAT???? I had to send him the freakin' confirmation number! How could he assume my portfolio was never submitted when 1) I had a confirmation number and 2) some people in admissions said it was already submitted and looked at. After he received my confirmation number, he goes "oooooh, you used two emails. That's why we never got it!"
    The thing is...I never used two emails. Only one. What is wrong with these people? Then he attached the rejection letter to the email.
    Something was fishy. There are many theories I have; maybe my portfolio is too commercial in style or what not or maybe it is because I didn't pay the $80 and had a waiver. Who knows? I don't care.
    For a school that is charging $43,000 for one year in post-bacc, they sure were being careless and unprofessional. Of all the schools that I have applied to, I have never dealt with a school that was like this.
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    Zander reacted to lolapola in Can You Be Too Young For Grad School?   
    It also transformed my work and made me reconsider the place that critique holds in the development of one's work. The programme is very intense and consists of a bunch of different classes + some extra time in the end to do your own thing. Lots of visiting artists, fantastic food, great talks.
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    Zander reacted to agnessy in Visual Arts PhD Programs   
    Hello all,
    I am currently researching PhDs in Visual Arts, as I will be applying in Nov/Dec for Fall 2015 entry. Any suggestions on programs out there? Anyone knows or has been to any phd in visual arts program?
    - UC San Diego - PhD Art Practice looks really good but I read somewhere that they only take 2 students per year; Texas Tech (not very interesting); Ohio State Uni (interdisciplinary arts); and then most of the USA well known visual arts institutions don't offer phds...
    Anyone knows other institutions offering PhDs in visual arts theory and practice?
    Thanks in advance!
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    Zander reacted to lolapola in Can You Be Too Young For Grad School?   
    I know a couple of people at yale's programme who went right after their undergrad, though it's definitely not the norm. An advantage would be if your portfolio is not necessarily student work/assignments.
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