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  1. UPDATE: Nevermind, one day later, today, I got an email from the department specifying the details of the support offered. They are giving me a TA position.
  2. I just got accepted into Computer Science, PhD. I was notified via Email which asked me to log in to my applicant account on the university's website to access the official letter. It is a one page letter that says: Also, it doesn't say anything about the last date until when I should send in my acceptance of their offer (well, they haven't made any [funding] offer yet). Nothing about funding anywhere. What does this mean?
  3. If this is not a troll post, you have some serious evaluation to do regarding your attitude towards life. In the words of Rocky Balboa: "If you know what you're worth, then go out and get what you're worth and don't point fingers saying you ain't where you wanna be because of him or her or nobody. Cowards do that and that ain't you. You're better than that". Allow me to draw from my personal experience in life: I did my BS and MS from ordinary schools in India that no one ever heard of. I did good work and I was recently accepted into the top computer science doctoral program in the US
  4. Thank you for the sound advice CM and grad_wannabe. I'm just going out with my friends now and trying not to think about decisions. If my phone notifies me of an email, I will check it and I hope to see some good news. I'm so sorry for you. It must have come as quite a shock. I hope you get into other schools of your choice. Best wishes.
  5. My application is alright (not too strong, not weak). I have average math score in GRE (bad for PhD in Computer Science). I do have some publications (only 1 of them is peer-reviewed), and two Masters' degrees (one relevant, one totally irrelevant). I have been talking with my POI since the last few months, I mean to the point where I know for sure that he's behind me 100 percent. He's very nice and has hinted that, and I quote: "mostly it (decision) should be about what kind of support to offer. I'd be very surprised if it is anything but that". When I expressed that I am having trou
  6. Thank you Munashi and Chubberubber. I will include it in the application. It also asks for the 'city', 'state' and 'country' for these jobs. Would I write the city that their offices are located at, or would I write my home city that I worked from?
  7. I have already stated the independent research jobs in my CV. The problem is that the online application page has a section titled 'Employment Experience'. Do you think that these independent jobs can be listed under that?
  8. I have been working as an independent contractor for 3 major organizations from home. I work from India, they're in the US; conversations and business take place using Skype or emails. Now, I am very clear that I am an independent contractor and not an employee. But these jobs that I am working on are research jobs that are directly relevant to my field of study. Also, these are quality institutions so I would like to show that I have worked for them. My question is: Can I state these independent contract positions under 'Employment Experience'? Or is it necessary that you are a full f
  9. Thanks. Also, I can see my TOEFL scores online but they are yet to be 'processed' and sent to the universities. Now, one of the universities that I'm applying to says "We only accept electronic copies of the TOEFL score report". I just selected the 4 universities where my scores are to be sent, and have no idea whether ETS will send these scores electronically or in hard copy. Can anyone tell me if this university with receive these TOEFL scores "electronically" like it wants? I hope TOEFL doesn't send them the hard copy or something. I'm already way past the deadline.
  10. As a non-native English speaker, my TOEFL Scores are: Reading 29, Listening 27, Speaking 30, and Writing 30; Total of 116/120. That's a good score, but I was thinking it is practically useless. I'm applying for Computer Science doctoral programs (no ivy league or other top 20 programs). The universities that I'm applying to require a minimum TOEFL score of 80--and 90-100 is expected if you're expecting to be awarded Teaching Assistantship. I do need a TA, so I guess it might help there. I wanted to know if the good folks here at Gradcafe think that these high scores would "impress" the
  11. I just missed them. The office hours are over. Now, I can't wait till Monday so I mentioned total credits for one university that had the credit system and left it blank for the others that don't have the credit system. They'll have my transcripts anyway, so they'll figure it out accordingly.
  12. So this university does not ask for 'GPA' specifically, instead for each university it asks for 'Start date', 'End date', 'Degree earned', 'Major, and 'Credits earned'. Here, does 'credits earned' mean I have to mention my GPA / scores? Some of the universities where I live--and have got these degrees from--don't mention anything about 'credits'. Could someone clarify?
  13. By the way, would anyone be kind enough to explain what is SLAC/R1/R2 universitities? I used Google but the difference is not clear. I wish to do extensive computer security research at a university while teaching grad students, which of these--SLAC/R1/R2--would I be wanting to teach at?
  14. Thanks! This helps me a lot. I specially like the idea of talking about starting my own lab at a university as I have that in mind and I can show that the experience of working in the labs at awesome university will help me not only in acquiring relevant skills, but also in managing my own lab someday.
  15. As my long term plan is to teach X, how can I show that this PhD is necessary to teach X? Apart from the obvious reason, that universities usually require PhD before you can join as an assistant professor. This is too blunt to be stated. What 'skills' can I acquire during my PhD--which will help in my long-term goal of teaching--that cannot cannot be acquired without it? I find it highly confusing.
  16. This what the university wants to know. My long term career goal--for now--is to teach and conduct research at a university after my PhD. But that's it. I don't know what else I can write to relate my goal for graduate study to my "long term career plans". I am not sure what else I can add to this. Any ideas are appreciated.
  17. I am applying for PhD positions in computer science. I have much to tell about my impecunious background in a developing nation, and how I held 2 jobs to pay for my college education, while at the same time securing top grades. I wish to mention these things in the 'personal history statement' since that is what they are asking to know for consideration for college fellowships. On the other hand, I am concerned that the university also wants 'Financial statements and affidavits' to prove that I, or my sponsor, can pay for the first year of college. These are contradictory in nature
  18. Update: The professor in question at last agreed to upload the recommendation using his authentic college email after I expressed my concerns. However, he did so in the nick of time and after several emails and phone calls from me. If any other applicants are following this topic, under no circumstance should you consider this an option.
  19. I took the GRE today. I got conscious during one of my quant sections in the beginning; you know, when are very 'aware' that you need to score good on this test. This consciousness leads to distraction from the question, which leads to you having to re-read the same lines again and again without comprehension, and of course, the clock is ticking. Did it ever happen to any of your guys? Anyway, I'm still applying to schools with these scores for a PhD in computer science. The four universities so far are: MSU, ASU, Indiana- Bloomington, and Northeastern. I have been personally recommend
  20. I concur with all the people here. My LORs are also in progress, and only one of my recommenders has used an official letterhead with his signature on it. He scanned the document and uploaded it. A real nice guy; he's a Canadian that I've been working for from the past year. My two professors writing the LOR, on the other hand, won't bother with the letterhead stuff. As long as their email address is an affiliate organizational email address, you don't need to be worried.
  21. The need to create the thread because I needed information. I asked about the probability of universities finding out about this because I'm curious as to how universities detect such practices. Also, if someone else is thinking of doing something similar or has been similarly misled by a professor, I believe this post would help. When your professor tells you 'you can do it this way', you are inclined to think 'Hey! Maybe I can do it this way'. However, it was a fleeting thought, and the posts here were really helpful. Notice how other users told me it was wrong as well, but also contribu
  22. Thank you. You're probably right. I don't think I make distinct errors while writing or use any distinct vocab that the adcomm would be able to glean from the documents. I'm probably over-thinking it as far as the writing style is concerned. But yes, when so much is at stake, I guess we all get a little jumpy.
  23. I think you are being too quick to judge. I did NOT try to "game the system". For the record, I am against this practice and have already politely told me professor that this is not possible. What appealed to me, when I said 'in control of my LOR', was that I would be able to upload it on time. That's it. And even that was just a passing thought. As for creating a draft of my recommendation myself, many professors ask the students to create an initial draft to "get the juices flowing". I can't deny them that. I am worried about how much they will edit it. Again, I WANT them to edit it
  24. Don't get me started. I have 4 writers and 3 of them are asking me to create draft and send them. I don't know how much they will edit it. In the end, my writing style will probably end up in 2 out 3 letters. And then there's my SOP. That will be enough for smart people like the ones in adcomm to make out that LORs might have been written by me. I have tried to change my writing style, but hey, there's only so much you can change about your writing style and word selection etc. I am worried sick over it all. Through no fault of my own, my application may be viewed negatively.
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