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  1. So my professor is super busy (what else is new), and I created a draft of LOR that he could just read and upload to the website. Now, he says he may not even have the time to do that. He goes on to ask me to make a 'Gmail' account in his name, give it to universities, and upload the draft (that he approves) as it is on these links. He says if he is asked, he will confirm that he uploaded it. I don't like the sound of it. However, the idea of being in control of my LOR in such a way, appeals to me. But I don't want to be in trouble either. My question is what is the probability of universi
  2. That sounds a little bad. Usually, the letters that arrive for your competitors are all 'glowing' and so I have heard that even a neutral letter can prove to be detrimental to your chances of admission. I would suggest you switch this person if you can. If that's not possible, all you can do is send polite reminders to write the letter, and hope for the best.
  3. Well, since a moderator warned me, I have now taken my SoP off public view. Those who wish to critique it, please let me know and I will PM you a copy. P.S: Cookie still available!
  4. Having read the pinned posts about SOP advice, and after getting personalized responses to my questions from the good folk here at GradCafe, I am now done(?) with my SOP. I took special care proofreading the document before uploading it for comments, because I have witnessed some uploading erroneous early versions of their SOP here. I think it is improper to ask for comments on SOP when you haven't done your homework about what is needed, and uploading it for review when it is littered with spelling mistakes! In any case, I did as much as I could before uploading it for comments. But b
  5. Thank you guys. I ended up creating a pretty standard SOP (I mean no pretentious words). It doesn't sound fake and I think I like what I came up with. I will upload it here soon for some comments from you guys.
  6. I just read this statement off a prominent grad school's website, in an advice given by a grad school student there. He/she did not explain any further. So I turned to the good folks here at gradcafe. I was disappointed after reading this advice. Now, I don't mean using a thesaurus for every word to the point where the text becomes indiscernible, but I wish to use some 'nice' words in my SOP as I know they are taking this to be my best writing sample. What is the protocol on using big words in SOP? Is it going to make my SOP incomprehensible to the adcomm? But then, isn't the adcomm co
  7. You are right. I can't have it both ways. I will let the admissions staff know about considering my application for both, and hope for the best. Thank you so much for your help TakeruK and CrucialBBQ!! I feel a lot more confident about what I need to do!!
  8. Thank you for this information! I appreciate it! It depends on the person in the adcomm considering the application. He/she might consider me "desperate" for entry into the university (as I already have two masters), and view this as a sign of me being diffident about my PhD application. I think it would be better not mentioning this explicitly in my SOP (I don't want to take a chance), but mentioning it to some clerical staff in my email to the admissions department. That way, the adcomm won't find out about it while considering my PhD application, hopefully.
  9. I sent them said email. Here's their reply: "We can put a note in our system to have your application file moved to the MS admissions review in the event you are not admitted to the Ph.D. program. After you submit your application, it would be helpful if you send us an email reminding us that you want to be considered for the Ph.D. program first and if you are not admitted to the Ph.D. program, you would like to be considered for the MS program." So I guess this route is safe? I just don't want the adcomm to find out about this.
  10. I fear that mentioning explicitly anywhere on the application, that I could be considered for an MS as well, would make my PhD application appear "insincere". I want the admissions committee to consider me a serious PhD applicant, not someone who will take anything you throw at him. Also, if the admissions committee realizes they could get me in without funding as well, then, I fear, they will offer funding (PhD) to someone else who is looking exclusively for PhD, and look to hire me into paid MS. So explicitly bringing to the adcomm's attention that they could get me into MS as well,
  11. These schools do have an MS program in the same field that I'm applying to PhD for. So considering that, would you say I would be offered to be enrolled into MS if rejected for PhD? Do I need to intimate them in some way that I could be considered for MS, if not for PhD? Or do I just need to sit tight, and they would make this offer -if available- on their own?
  12. I have two Masters degrees from Indian colleges (MBA & MS). I am in the process of applying for PhD. Some universities I am applying to advice to write to professors and then mention the conversation in the personal statement (to show commitment to the program). The professors have been either not responding or giving one line replies '..it is unlikely that I'll be taking students for Fall, 2015'. I am beginning to doubt my chances of getting into a PhD. The admissions are not just hard, but it also seems like a lot depends on chance. Since I really want to get into grad school this
  13. That's the worst part because I have the same problem. What is in my hand, I have done on time. But depending on 3 other people for something so important, is a nerve wrecking experience. Yes professor, please take your time. It's only my life on the line here. I have never experienced such stress in life.
  14. Yes, I am an international student. But I'm applying for PhD, which will mostly likely be fully funded. I realize immigration's might need it after I'm admitted but do I need to produce during application time? If there are other PhD students over here, please let know if you submitted a financial document during application process.
  15. Yes, it's good practice. Don't mean to bash Barron's or anything, I just meant it's best if it's supplemented with a stronger quant book.
  16. I am applying for PhD. I'm not sure whether I need to give them a financial statement or not. I have emailed them about it, but these schools are taking their sweet time in replying. Meanwhile, could you please let me know if a financial statement is required to be submitted along with the application before the deadline? I was thinking it wouldn't be required since most PhDs are funded.
  17. I have been solving Manhattan and official ETS quant material and then I picked up 'Barron's 6 practice tests' book. My score went up 6 points in math consistently in all the tests. Then I asked a friend who has taken the GRE before and confirmed Barron's quantitative is misleading. It will make you believe that you are well prepared only until you take the actual GRE and are surprised. I want to point out Barron's data interpretation is specially easy and straightforward. Don't know if this will help anyone, but yeah, if you're solely relying on Barron's for your quant, please be
  18. "Apply earlier (avoid the last six weeks before the deadline)"; A website gives this advice to those applying to grad schools. Does it matter? I'm from India, and to be honest, my application will reach them in the last week before the deadline. And for colleges having the December 1 deadline, my GRE and TOEFL scores will reach them around 22 December. I emailed schools and asked, they said that's fine as long as the transcripts get to them before the Dec 1 deadline and the scores get to them before Jan 1. I am guessing somewhere around mid January, they will start application review p
  19. Hi, I am applying for PhD, Computer Science in a niche area of security. I see schools listing PhD in computer science with focus on information security. I see that they are taking applications for Fall, 2015. Should I apply right away after seeing this information off the website, or do I need to actually ask the relevant faculties whether they are looking for PhD students? I am afraid if I blindly apply to programs based on information on website, I might not even be considered if they don't 'actually' require candidates this Fall, 2015. That would be a waste of an application.
  20. This is what UC Davis says. In case of PhD applications (Computer Science), is getting LOR from 'Professor' necessary? I have two assistant professors who are willing to write a good LOR for me. The third will come from an employer. Is this bad that I don't have a 'full blown' professor recommending me for doctorate?
  21. Hello, I will be applying in Fall, 2015. PhD in Computer Science. Now, the way it stands, my humble assistant professors from a non-English speaking country, have never written LORs before. They are asking me about what to expect. I would enlighten them, except, I don't know myself. They want to know: What to expect? Multiple choice questions about me? Yes/No questions? Are they expected to write paragraphs describing me? In case a paragraph describing me is required, do they need to be ready with a draft? If yes, how long? Other than mentioning that I excelled in classes
  22. Thank you so much! That's a cogent reply to my questions! Also, my field is 'information security' and the magazine articles I was talking about are published in: www.pentestmag.com www.hakin9.org http://resources.infosecinstitute.com/ I don't mean to impose, but could you possibly let me know what heading I could put them under?
  23. Hello, I am applying for PhD positions in Computer science. My deadline is on Dec 1. I just created a CV. I don't have many publications in 'peer reviewed' journals. I just have one in an average journal (not grandiose like IEEE or Elsevier) I do have 6-7 relevant articles published in common magazines (industry magazines, not scientific). Should I list them under 'publications'? Or make a separate heading for them like 'magazines'? Or should I not include them at all, in fear of sounding pretentious? Thank you.
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