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  1. These instances are very rare, unfortunately
  2. Hey! I'm curious how you know that application submission is not a factor. I didn't think it was either but someone is telling me that it could have been.

  3. I can tell you that timing of application submission is not a factor.
  4. I don’t attend those programs, but the remaining element I’m wondering about is your choice of mentors at these programs. Some professors are going to be more competitive than others to apply working under in their lab. Also, a lot of the time, professors tend to lean towards choosing mentees of their friends from outside institutions.
  5. Sounds like you’re leaning towards the last choice.
  6. 1) If you’re taking a flight at the airport, I’d recommend calling the airline and requesting wheelchair escort service – having to walk through long corridors in crutches is going to be a rough time. 2) If you haven’t already, let your interview coordinator/contact person know that you’ll be in crutches so they can arrange accommodations for you. My guess is that you’ll be able to sit down during the social events, and current students will be the ones coming to you to chat. Also, no need to stress about attending in crutches – if anything, I believe this can work in your favor by showing the interviewers and graduate committee that you were willing to attend and participate to the best of your ability despite healing from an injury or surgery. So, I really think this is will make you stand out *in a positive way* 🙂
  7. Like everyone else said, stay with a current graduate student unless you have severe anxiety or know yourself to not be socialable at all in the evenings
  8. Eh, you’re a shoe in there. And if he doesn’t give you a spot, just bail out of the lab 🤡
  9. Or the Director of Clinical Training (DCT) - this is perfectly acceptable to ask for.
  10. Damn, that’s brutal :0 I’m 27 with mediocre GRE scores and went to an average state university for undergrad and got into a PhD Clinical Psychology program with guaranteed funding for five years...
  11. It’s typically more advantageous to take the offer to room with a current student, if you think you’ll still be in a social mood after all the interview day events. You’ll have the advantage of getting to ask more specific questions about graduate school life in the program, and an extra opportunity to “butter up” a current student who’s mentored under your prospective advisor (advisors typically ask current students about their opinion of the applicants). If you really don’t think you’ll be able to keep up a social/friendly attitude after a long day of interview events, though, it’d probably be best to opt for the hotel.
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