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  1. I’ve run out of “likes” I can give on this site for the day, but congrats ~ glad to know the emails are still coming in waves today. Hope to hear good news about my dissertation app today.
  2. My understanding is that both users applied to predoc which is a 3-year award. It wouldn’t make sense for @Alma1350 receive a predoc award last year AND this year
  3. I applied for dissertation and haven’t received any emails yet. Fingers crossed for us to win ~
  4. I hope reviewers haven’t been distracted by the current apocalypse.
  5. To update on this thread — it seems like members of the fellowship review panel are meeting up for final decisions for the next couple of days: https://sites.nationalacademies.org/PGA/FordFellowships/PGA_086216
  6. Never contact that PI again - that's your revenge 🤠
  7. I agree with this too — though, I'd expect the DCT to tell you to wait until mid-April for finalized decisions.
  8. Hey! I'm curious how you know that application submission is not a factor. I didn't think it was either but someone is telling me that it could have been.

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