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  1. OneLove21

    Delete account

    Testing for account deletion. (I will report this post and will include my message/request for account deletion.) Thanks.
  2. OneLove21

    Help finding Security Studies Programs

    Good to know that someone else feels the same. The original curriculum was one of the main reasons for why I chose GW over the other programs in which I was accepted.
  3. OneLove21

    Help finding Security Studies Programs

    Hi. Sorry for the late reply. This is my first time logging on since that post. For one, they've totally changed their curriculum for the Security Policy Studies program since your post. This curriculum change will apply for those who enter GW ESIA from Fall 2018 to beyond. Although the new curriculum change does not apply to me, I'm personally not a fan of it. I find it too restricting. They originally offered a variety of concentrations (Cyber, defense, development, national security, conflict/conflict resolution, human security, regional security, Nuclear-Energy policy, Customized option, etc). Now, you can only pick one out of four concentrations. Anyway here's some good and bad: Good: -Many international opportunities. My exchange program to Singapore was the best decision that I ever made. -Several challenging courses with high expectations -Evening classes that start at 5PM or 7PM (great for those who work) -No thesis. Just a 1-year capstone option. -Dedicated career counselors The Bad -Language is not heavily emphasized. There's a language requirement, sure. But, there's not much for those who want to enhance or are willing to learn/level-up on a language. -Program Directors tend to be unavailable,busy, and even unresponsive at times when needed (both via email& in-person, in my experience). The Security program is currently seeking a new Program Director, though. So, hopefully this will no longer be a problem. -Strong emphasis on being a reputable program and hurrying up to getting your degree for a 'government job'. Less emphasis on getting to know or further students' career goals. I'm currently in a semester exchange at George Mason University, and for the first time, I actually have a professor who encourages students to approach him for advice when needed. (I remember this one member on here who said that he got this vibe from a GW orientation..he said that he chose SIS over GW because that there was too much emphasis on brand name and less emphasis on personal connections).
  4. OneLove21

    100k debt for IR Masters worth it?

    It depends on your debt tolerance level. But, it's gloomy both ways these days. I'm currently in Washington DC, and if you wish to work for the government all you hear is "Trump is cutting back on people in the government." During my application process in Spring 2015, working for the public sector was my main intention. I was a major idealist during my application process and obtained the international travel experience that people raved about on here, did a few internships in DC, and earned a basic Arabic fellowship. Yet, my job prospects still seem dim for what I 'originally intended' to do in the public sector. I'm looking for alternatives and have shifted more towards cybersecurity (one of my current specializations)and away from traditional IR these days. I finish up my Masters in August 2018. At the same time, I'm not going to sit here and say "Get work experience" because some people like myself get our IR/Poli Sci undergrad degrees from no-name schools located in small-towns that offered zero opportunities. For such people, the military or retail are their only options after graduating. Hate to say that, but it's true. I'm nearly at the finish line with my Masters and will be in massive debt. Do I regret it? No. I have no family/kids at 25, no car, and never cared for a highly luxurious lifestyle. I will just do any relevant job that accepts me from the private sector for a year or 2 along with some online programs to work my way up in Cybersecurity or computer science in an international context. I also had a classmate who originally wanted to work for State. He's graduated and had good credentials. Instead, he's currently working as Program Assistant for this DC thinktank...He plans to stay there for some time, then give the gov. a shot later on.
  5. OneLove21

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    Nothing is worse than a Program Director who NEVER responds to your emails. I send an email every 2-4 months and no response. Ever. Why suggest for me to 'seek advice' from a Program Director who never gives a damn to reply. These are also serious requests and inquiries that relate to my plan of study and graduation (I graduate in Spring 2018). I miss the old Program Director, and I don't see this current one lasting here for long. We pay too much money for this damn program to have incompetent and inattentive Program Directors.
  6. OneLove21

    Let's Talk Debt

    Ha, same. Tuition alone wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if you didn't have to worry about high living expenses (*cough* Especially in the DC Metro area in regards to rent).
  7. OneLove21

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    ^ Wow, insane.
  8. OneLove21

    Help finding Security Studies Programs

    Any specific concentration you wish to focus on? Topics like Eurasia, East Europe, Russia; China; Terrorism/Counterrorism; and defense/military strategy seem to very popular in the GWU Security Policy Studies program. But, if you're into things like cyber, then avoid at costs. It's very poorly developed in my opinion (eg: lack of available classes, having to go to the Computer Science; lack of focus on the technical components). I'm taking a few outside online courses and earning professional IT certifications to make up for it. Thankfully, I don't graduate until 6 more months as well.
  9. Location is a key factor for some people. Also, the quality of your undergrad can make a huge difference. If you're like me, in regards to having a BA in International Affairs from a small college in a small town in the American South, then don't expect to have access to internships for 'experience.' Also, don't expect to find a job that relates to IR in such a setting, period. The IR field at my undergrad grad institute also only had one young professor who ran the whole program. Then, the entire program itself only had 30 or less people as well. For those who can relate to my case, the only things that I can think of are the US military, Peace Corps (something that not all of us get into), or teaching English overseas (?). Additionally, not all of us have the money, sources, or connections to volunteer overseas during or immediately after undergrad as well. I also haven't been on this site for a while. But, I've changed my field to a mix of International Cybersecurity &Computer Science. Despite the things I've gained (abundant travel experience, scholarships, etc), I still haven't been seen as competitive for the IR job market So, I've steadily shifted to a more technical route. Turns out that like it too.
  10. Whaaaaaaaat...?My issue is that I eat too little in grad school. Work, work,work.
  11. Oh gosh..I applied to over 8 schools. Then, had the GRE test fee+sending the scores to additional schools. It had to be something over $700.
  12. OneLove21

    FLAS 2017

    Well, looks like I've been selected for this summer!!!! Good luck to everyone else.
  13. OneLove21

    FLAS 2017

    I start my spring break next week and should know the results from my school after the break ends. Just a little over one more week left of waiting before we get notified about the outcome =O. I'm also only doing the Summer FLAS program, by the way.
  14. OneLove21

    How did/will you afford grad school?

    It depends. It's all about costs, benefits and your tolerance level. Most people on this site oppose going unfunded. Then, if you're like the people if my graduate program, you'll either be married or have kids..which can make things tight and challenging. Some people have car and house bills to pay off too. For my case, I sold my soul and will have a lot debt(no funding). I was unable to get relevant work experience because I got my Bachelor's from a no-name school in the Deep American South and wanted to focus on National Security and Foreign Policy. The Deep South offered no such thing unless you join the military. I also didn't have (and still don't have)a car/house, kids, marriage commitments.So, grad school was the route that I took. Despite taking on massive debt, I studied in 2 different regions at the ages 23&24 (Southeast Asia&Middle East); interned overseas for a semester; gained a couple of internship positions in Washington DC, etc while in grad school. I don't know if I would have had such opportunities if I took 1-2 years off to do something that did not relate to my field. Then, I'm also glad to be getting grad school out of the way before my late 20s and 30s. I just care about having a modest lifestyle (basic human needs) after graduation...and maybe having money to take an international trip once or twice a year. I don't care for (fancy) cars/houses immediately after graduating...or having the highest income.
  15. OneLove21

    FLAS 2017

    No problem. And thanks as well.

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