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    Psyc101 reacted to Ladydaydream in Fall 2019 Clinical Psychology Canadian Applicants!   
    Just received my official acceptance to Windsor for Child Clinical! I am beyond excited and looking forward to meeting everyone at the open house on the 8th!
    Thank you all for being such a supportive group. I really appreciate how lovely everyone on this thread has been throughout this whole godforsaken process ❤️ To all of you that have gotten in somewhere, congratulations! You've earned it! And to everyone still waiting, do not lose faith in yourself, you're all awesome candidates! 
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    Psyc101 reacted to Generic_Applicant in Canadian Fall 2015 Applicant Thread   
    For Ryerson hopefuls holding their breath, this is what I got from Lisa today:
    "The admissions committee will review names put forward by faculty members and will make a decision. I’m not sure when all applicants will hear back. We have sent out a few offers already but this process can go into as far as April until we hear back responses from applicants which determines if we need to send out more offers."
    Good luck guys. 
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    Psyc101 reacted to Mandy P. in Canadian Fall 2015 Applicant Thread   
    Cool! Thanks!
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    Psyc101 reacted to 3minutes in Canadian Fall 2015 Applicant Thread   
    That is super helpful. Thanks a bunch  
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    Psyc101 reacted to nuih in Canadian Fall 2015 Applicant Thread   
    Thanks for the update, Psyc101!
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    Psyc101 got a reaction from suzypepper in Canadian Fall 2015 Applicant Thread   
    I thought I might share this for those anxiously waiting from York - I spoke to grad admin directly about any updates about applications...she basically said that they have not really started reviewing the applications yet (She seemed pretty surprised that I was asking because she said it's still too early!). Shocking since this school had one of the early deadlines. Apparently we will be receiving invites for interviews in February (from your POIs), but if we do not receive any invites, it does not mean that we are 'officially' rejected until we receive the letter via mail! She spoke more directly about the clinical and clinical-developmental program, so I am not sure this applies to other programs in psych at York. Hope this eases some anxiety

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