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  1. MoMA and/or Whitney internships

    When did you interview/receive acceptance? I interviewed about a week and a half ago and am waiting on a response in either direction now.
  2. MoMA and/or Whitney internships

    Just received notification yesterday about an interview at Whitney!
  3. MoMA and/or Whitney internships

    Thank you so much for the kind words! I just accepted an offer for a different summer internship program, so I am feeling okay about it! Best of luck to the rest of you who are waiting on responses!
  4. MoMA and/or Whitney internships

    I sent an inquiry last week and just heard back that I was among the top candidates but ultimately was not offered a position. I am assuming you should all be hearing back shortly!
  5. Bentonville, AR

    Hello, everyone! Does anyone have any information about Bentonville, Arkansas or the surrounding area? I may potentially be ending up there for two to three months this summer and am curious about activities and general city life. From what I can find online it seems to be a smaller sized city with a bit of Southern charm, but potentially not much to do. If any of you have personal experience or know anything about it and the surrounding area, I would be more than appreciative of any suggestions or comments!
  6. MoMA Internships

    I have not gotten anything! What about you??
  7. Educational Background of Modern/Contemporary Curators

    Amazing! This is incredibly helpful, at least for me - I am thinking of going this route! Though, this list is also a tad disheartening to be completely honest - I come from a small state school for my undergrad as it's all I could afford. I've done some really awesome things during my tenure there, but am wondering if it will compare to all these amazing names I'm looking up to as I'm heading into grad school.
  8. MoMA and/or Whitney internships

    I have no news from MOMA or Whitney! I just received an offer for another museum yesterday, and they need to know my answer by Monday, so I'm a bit panicky at the moment! I think I am going to send an e-mail asking for the status of my submission.
  9. MoMA and/or Whitney internships

    I applied to Painting and Sculpture, Media and Performance Art, and Publications. I have a funny feeling there were probably a ton of Painting and Sculpture applicants!
  10. Met Internships

    I definitely will also report as soon as I hear anything. I'm sure we're all playing the impatient, partial-panic game! (Or at least I am...)
  11. MoMA and/or Whitney internships

    I applied to both Whitney and MoMA. Haven't heard from either! I suppose I'm being impatient, though. What areas did you apply to?
  12. Notification issue?

    Hi, I've been a stalker on here for about a year and a half. I've just started to really use the site regularly and would like to get notifications when someone messages me. Is there a way to turn that on other than the toggle switch? My account is saying that "the administrator has blocked this toggle switch" or something of the like. Many thanks!
  13. Love this site

  14. MoMA and/or Whitney internships

    Anyone apply for Summer 2017??
  15. MoMA Internships

    Did anyone in here apply this past weekend? I am anxiously awaiting notification over here!