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  1. Related question: how long did it take to get a response re: your NR-73? I mailed one in last month and still no mail. I cannot log into my online account because I haven't filed or my status is off -- I get an error. I was told this would be resolved by doing NR-73 and sorting out whatever outstanding taxes I have. Ready to do that, just need word back on that NR-73. Looking forward to following your progress and reporting on my own so that I might be of some help to others. Cheers
  2. not to mention an unlivable stipend. Great school and department but not viable for most people, imo.
  3. Got into the US via international airport no problem with dependant J-2! Bring what ever documentation you have from the university (extra letters explaining the hybrid term, etc) -- we weren't asked to show them, however.
  4. Consulates and embassies in Japan and Korea are doing interviews as of Monday. My wife's passport is with them now after her j-2 interview. Hope it comes back soon with a nice stamp.
  5. Assignments were put on hold at the start of the month. Delayed once, then put on hold. I bet we get an update this week -- the July 24th mention is helpful. One question, though: what makes you think that spots are "few and far between" this year? With deferrals offered (usually not an option) and the general difficulties facing domestic as well as (especially!) international students trying to get the NY, if anything there will be more graduate housing, no?
  6. With the hope that this policy is adopted at more consulates and embassies elsewhere, my family is working toward this route. That is, preparing to file for an emergency appointment whilw watching out for new slots opened for people in our category. Thanks for this encouraging news!
  7. Loads of schools are getting on board, resisting and denouncing the move. See this thread (up and down) for a comprehensive and updated list: Also: my local consulate has had this info posted next to the instructions regarding emergency appointment requests since earlier this week. "The first available date would be 7/14/2020." Meanwhile, the first available regular appointment was October 7th. So it seems like they recognize the need for earlier interviews, at least for students' cases. This is encouraging.
  8. Yea, Columbia doesn't like for the grad students to start in Spring. At least that is my sense in speaking with people from across the GSAS. Language courses, professional development courses, not to mention the seminar and summer programs off-campus are almost all laid out based on a September start, it seems.
  9. For reference, the emb/consulates in Japan show this on the panel (under "Emergency Request Instructions," after login): Students or exchange visitors Purpose of travel is to begin or resume a valid program of study in the United States within 30 days for Japanese applicants and 60 days for non-Japanese applicants when no regular visa appointments are available. This option is limited only to applicants who have not been refused a visa within the last six months at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate. Essential documentation: Original Form I-20 or DS-2
  10. The time difference makes that impossible. As long as I could get paid, I was thinking about living in Canada (where I can enter as a citizen, quarantine, then rent an apartment) -- HOWEVER, it remains unclear whether it is even possible to receive the funding from a distance, let alone another country. If I don't have funding I can't attend, no matter where in the world I might be. Wow ok this is important. I will be sure to reach out to the local consulate soon to confirm the instructions on their site. Thanks
  11. In Osaka I was able to book one of the first available slots opened up after weeks (maybe months) of 'no available appointments.' It was the first time I had ever seen the calendar on the homepage! Booked for Oct. 7 -- obviously wayy after the semester starts. The plan is to ask for an expedited or emergency appointment once within the period defined by US diplomatic authorities here in Japan for students. That is: within 30 days of the start of the program. Note that this period of eligibility is different for each country! FYI: this interview is for the j-2 dependant who will
  12. Interesting that they said so. I haven't heard this from others working through other embassies or consulates elsewhere in the world. After weeks and weeks of checking daily, I was actually able to book yesterday in Japan the first available day: Oct 7th. Obviously this doesn't help, but the 'emergency request' button has also appeared, so I/we are thinking about using that. The embassies/consulates here have a page that says that students within 30days of their start date are eligible for emergency requests. Checking now it seems like their schedule is now fully booked here.
  13. How disappointing. Still no slots open where I am in Japan. Will we make it?
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