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  1. Hello! 


    I'm creating this thread so that 2016 creative writing MFA applicants can share their experiences with the application process. Feel free to share advice, anxieties, and updates on acceptances and rejections. Also, do not hesitate to ask questions (or  answer them).


    I will be applying to the following nonfiction programs: University of Alabama, University of Arizona, University of Montana, University of Iowa, University of Wyoming, University of North Carolina, Notre Dame University, Oregon State University, University of San Francisco, Washington University in St. Louis.


    What I've done to prepare so far: 


    I have my writing sample. It is a self-contained chapter of the memoir I'm working on and would like to finish while pursuing my MFA. For schools that want more pages, I will likely add some flash nonfiction pieces that are on the same topic. I'd like to keep my material cohesive while showing some range.


    I've contacted professors that I would like to get recommendation letters from but do not have any of them yet. I am actually struggling with this part for a couple of reasons, including our dwindling creative writing department as they replace a number of the staff that recently left. I'd love to know who everyone else is getting recommendation letters from -- professors, employers, who?


    I'm planning on taking the GRE this summer, I have not begun my statement of purpose but plan on having them done before the Fall semester, and my CV is a work in progress. Am I the only one starting this early? I'm terrified of missing the deadline, and I don't want to feel rushed at the end!

    That's all about me for now. I'm curious to know where everyone else is in the process and am eager to hear everyone's experiences from here on out. 
    In the meantime, good luck! 
    - K
    I've created a Facebook group for 2016 MFA Applications: https://www.facebook.com/groups/453298914827651/
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