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  1. Noticing a lot of Ohio State acceptances on the results page, congrats everyone!
  2. This is already on my list of career goals! I just hope more states allow it, because personally I'm not interested in living in any of the states that currently have it haha.....
  3. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hJFI7od93wXNHfLiUl0pv4lPUsueRmVg_6N85xgFQd8/edit#gid=0
  4. Almost all of them replied and I've posted all of the info I've gleaned on the Google spreadsheet
  5. Seriously, some days I wonder why I didn't go the med school route and match into psychiatry instead -___-
  6. I emailed all of my programs to ask point blank. I told them that I work a job that requires a month's worth of availability ahead of time and I wanted to block out the dates just in case. (Which is true, I wasn't just making that up lol)
  7. I like what CUDCP is doing with posting all their dates on a calendar. APA should create a centralized calendar or system for all of their programs to post and make it part of APA accred requirements =P
  8. Most of us have been so stressed about interview invites that I didn't realize - we don't have an acceptance thread yet! Accepted folks, please post here so we can celebrate your achievements All psychology types (clinical, counseling, I/O, social, everything in between) welcome. School: Concentration: (e.g. clinical, counseling, social, I/O, etc) Type: (PhD/PsyD/EdD/something else) Date of acceptance: Notified by: Mass email, email from POI, phone call, etc.
  9. Depends on the program and where they fall on the clinical/research spectrum. My PsyD programs have been far more impressed by my clinical rather than research experience, understandably. Some of the balanced PhD programs like clinical experience. Obviously the APCS schools will REALLY prefer research experience.
  10. Poster on the results page for Yeshiva/Ferkauf who got an interview invite, was that for the Adult PsyD or the Child PsyD?
  11. Folks who reported Immaculata results on the Google spreadsheet (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hJFI7od93wXNHfLiUl0pv4lPUsueRmVg_6N85xgFQd8/edit#gid=0), was this via mass email?
  12. Drexel poster who just posted today (to the results page), who was your POI?
  13. I dreamt last night that I got an invite to FDU. Very specific dream, as you can see. That's all that happened in the dream - I looked at my email. Obsession slowly becomes madness....
  14. It is xD We're just dumping both clinical and counseling in here though, since so many folks have applied to both / they're practically the same thing nowadays.
  15. I've been really struggling when faculty ask me whether I have any non-research-related questions for them. I'm a neurotic who has scoured every inch of the department websites so I feel like I already know everything there is to know about the program, and I'm seriously struggling to come up with questions. What are some that y'all like to use?
  16. I feel this so much. I've never been a patient person, but this is just next level. This is now my most visited site on my browser lol.
  17. Hiiii! I'll PM you about CHC specifically too since I just did their interview In general they are assessing for "fit" in terms of their idea of what makes a good clinician. So expect questions about why their program, what are your views on mental health, what theory speaks to you, what kinds of populations you want to work with or believe are underserved, what kind of prac experiences do you want, and what you want to do in the future. There will be some research questions but they do want to weed out the folks who are all-in on research as that would not be a good fit. So emphasize that you want to have the well rounded experience of research, and clinical, and supervision, and teaching, and program design/eval, etc.
  18. The "short list" is the list of folks that they are considering bringing in for an interview and/or admitting (I'm not sure how I/O does interviewing). Basically, you're under consideration This is good!
  19. Friend who applied to Duke has not heard anything yet Anyone else's anxiety spiking every time their phone buzzes/chimes from a new email? Haha....
  20. If anyone applied to Springfield's PsyD, I heard back from my admissions counselor that invites will be extended the "first week of February". Interview dates are 2/15 or 2/22.
  21. The admissions counselor I contacted said that interview date is "late January to early February", so I hope we hear back soon! I'm paranoid about travel plans and like to know weeks in advance haha. EDIT: Person who reported an interview from Fairleigh Dickinson on the Google spreadsheet, was it a mass email?
  22. Anyone heard from Yeshiva? Fingers crossed for lots of interview invites this week! It seems to be a popular one.
  23. I'm curious why "absolutely not"? I can see why you would want to refrain from programs that are not APA accred and do not plan on getting it, but programs that are in the process usually will have the accred (unless they're complete shit) by the time you graduate. Obviously you would have to cultivate your list appropriately, but for example, UHCL was "in the process" two years ago and I applied (then) anyways because it's a reputable school and had very little chance of NOT being accred. There's a time barrier between a program's inception and applying, which is why a lot of good programs are still "in process" during their first few years.
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