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  1. 28 minutes ago, ClinicalApplicant2019 said:

    So I, thus far, have gotten two rejections (Drexel and Duke) and have five more schools that I haven't heard a single thing from. Is there any chance I'm getting in anywhere at this point?? My hopes are pretty low by now.

    By "haven't heard a single thing from", do you mean post-interview? Did you interview anywhere? Very rare to get offers if you didn't interview, unfortunately. (Not impossible, but at schools on par with Drexel and Duke if you didn't interview you ain't getting in...)

  2. 45 minutes ago, imonfire98 said:

    do applicants generally wait till April to make decisions or do they make decisions right away? i really hope people wont hold multiple offers :(  

    As an anecdote, I'm holding multiple offers because my programs have been horrible about providing information about funding. A lot of programs (at least in the PsyD world) use March 1st as the deadline for financial aid, scholarships, and fellowships, so I'm actually still in the process of applying for funding at some of my programs. I would never accept an offer until I had full information about my funding situation, which means I'm currently holding on to more offer than I'd like to. A lot of people gripe about holding on to multiple offers, citing CUDCP's guidelines, but the guidelines do specifically state that waiting on crucial info (like funding) is a perfectly legit reason to hold offers.

  3. Just released my offer to Chestnut Hill. Great program, but lack of funding. Also, I applied for advanced standing (since I have a masters), and in order to get approved for advanced standing you essentially have to take their comps before you enroll. Nooooo thanks :)

  4. 20 minutes ago, junger said:

    Thank you! I was considering this as another option as well, but I've had a hard time finding an affordable school/institute for psychoanalysis certification so far. If you have any direction you could point me to for an affordable and reputable program, it would be greatly appreciated.

    There are so many directions to go with grad school, it's a bit overwhelming at first. 

    Check out the approved APsaA institutes :) http://www.apsa.org/approved-training-institutes

    In terms of affordability, unfortunately psychoanalysis training is pretty pricey (personal analysis is a huge chunk of the cost). Some of these places offer scholarships and a few are eligible for financial aid (Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis, which is not on that list but very reputable, is one such example). Actually, come to think of it, BGSP has a license-eligible masters program that is psychoanalytically oriented (https://www.bgsp.edu/academics/m-a-in-mental-health-counseling). If you complete that, you can fast track your certificate at the same institute.

    Another option is ACAP in New Jersey, which allows you to earn the certificate via distance education (all the classes are concurrent via Zoom videoconferencing). You would do clinical internships/practica in your home city.

  5. 1 hour ago, junger said:

    Do you know of any primarily psychoanalytic/psychodynamic nationally accredited masters programs in social work, counseling, or MFT? It seems a bit harder to find information about a psychodynamic orientation masters. My undergraduate GPA was not ideal due to some personal problems my freshman year (overall GPA is 3.4), so I am hoping to supplement my GPA by first getting a masters. I am still not completely positive if I want to move on to a PhD program after a master's, so I want to ensure the masters program I choose is nationally accredited. 

    At the master's level, the amount of theory-focused work you will be doing is minimal. You'll be building basic skills and can choose to operate from a particular theory if you want, but most of the coursework is not that specialized. What some of my colleagues did (and I plan on doing) was get a masters and then supplement it with a certificate in psychoanalysis.

  6. 3 minutes ago, PsychWannabee said:

    This seems like a neutral response, not indicative of anything. At least you didn't have a POI ghost you which is what happened to me... I mean I've had romantic interests ghost me... sure, but a professor I interviewed with? That's a whole different level of hurt 🤣

    Yeah, I was being partially facetious (and very very hopeful that embedded somewhere in there is a secret message that my acceptance is coming soon). I've had the ghost happen this cycle too, which has been super heartbreaking :(

  7. 32 minutes ago, Clinapp2017 said:

    Sure, an Ivy has the ability to bias everyone, but what is more important is seeing research productivity. I, and others, are more impressed to see someone with pubs in some high impact-factor places vs. someone with a "top tier" undergrad school on their CV but nothing else really to speak of at all. 

    I think some of what OP is noticing is confirmation bias as well - top tier undergrad schools (esp R1s) will probably have more access to productive labs and opportunities to get published. I'm attending an R3 for my masters degree (had a shit ugrad GPA), and I couldn't even find a lab to join because.... there aren't many. I had to drive to the neighboring town to participate in an R1's lab to get a couple posters to my name.

  8. Rutgers finally confirmed they don't want me xD So now I've heard back officially from all programs except William Paterson (which I know will be a rejection b/c interviews were 2 weeks ago). I have 3 more interviews next week (Mercer, Springfield, Suffolk). But I'm secretly hoping NEU will just admit me already so I don't have to travel anymore x____x

  9. 8 hours ago, Fi19 said:

    2. “What degree do you have?” - Psychologists are those who have their doctorate degrees in psychology. Perhaps you could ask “How many different types of degrees do you have?” If you really want to ask this question.

    Except school psychologists! They can practice with the specialist degree.

    To OP, it sounds like you're broadly interested in mental health professionals, not psychologists (at least, according to your answer choices to #3). You might want to change your scope. Note that "psychologist" can also refer to folks who are, for example, social psychologists or industrial/organization psychologists, who are not licensed to provide psychotherapy.

  10. It's situational, honestly. I know that my undergrad institution (R1, consistently top 5 on USWR, etc.) definitely played a part in getting into some of my master's programs and jobs/internships (several masters programs have told me this outright). To say otherwise would be frankly privileged. That said, by the time I got to applying at the PhD level I don't think anyone cares anymore. They're much more interested in my research and clinical experience.

  11. 42 minutes ago, FreudEgg said:

    Real talk: can some one plz recommend comfy/ professional/ cute women’s shoes I can wear to interviews and walk around in without having my toes fall off? 

    This is v important. How do I give a good elevator speech when my toes are purple and my blisters have blisters? 

    Look up Rasolli career pumps on Groupon! The ones with low heels are SUPER comfy while also looking very professional. 

  12. I was just at the interview for my dream school yesterday and wish I had had the confidence to gush more about how they were my first choice. I had a bad start to the day (overslept all three of my alarms, arrived late due to my Uber getting lost, the waiting room for candidates was WAY too small so we were all sitting bunched together and my super introvert self NEEDED HER SPACE, etc.)... so yeah, that just threw me off.

    It's only been one day (and it's Saturday), but damn I JUST WANNA KNOWWWW.

    If I get an offer from this program I'm withdrawing from all other interviews and immediately declining the other offers I'm holding. The fit is just too perfect but I don't know if the faculty see it that way haha...

  13. 37 minutes ago, Katie B said:

    Does anyone have any advice on a Master's interview vs a PhD? The first thing I've noticed is that the timing is massively different, the doctoral is an entire day where the time slots for the masters are only 4 hours. Any thoughts?

    A lot of folks at the masters level are career changers, so they'll ask you a lot about why you're choosing this career. You might also get questions about past experiences, your viewpoints on mental health and treatment, what kind of populations you want to work with, etc. They might also ask you why masters instead of PhD, so have a good answer to that. UHCL is a very well respected school at the masters level, so good luck!

  14. Whew. Just got out of a stressful interview. I didn't get to speak to my POI in-depth (we interviewed with 3 profs at a time, with one prof leading the interview - which was not my POI). I feel like I floundered around the entire time. Even worse, they let us know early on in the day that their class size is going to be 3-4 people. There were at least 20 of us in the room. So much pressure! 😮 It almost felt worse to know that I had made this THIS FAR and could very possibly miss out on an acceptance by a TINY margin. Ugh.

  15. 17 minutes ago, TheEternalGrad said:

    Hoping it is a troll, because the latest is that someone said they took screenshots of all the comments that person left and may send them to TM. 😲

    The latest is also that she's a troll who is a freshman in undergrad.

    The scariest thing is I can't tell if it's one person who posted all of those things... or if someone legitimately posted the first response and then other trolls are pretending to be her lol.

    Drama on GC, the highlight of my Friday.

  16. 55 minutes ago, buckeyepsych said:

    I really think that the Duke and Yale people are just trolls. Especially given the stats the alleged Yale person listed... Easy for me to say since I didn't apply to those programs but I think they should be ignored. Though I do live for internet drama tbh lol

    Yeah, the most recent posts where they're just spewing vitriol and narcissism seems super trollish to me. 

    That said, I too am a huge drama sponge and can't help getting caught up in refreshing and reading it haha.


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