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    late 19th/20th century American art with a special and inexplicable fondness for Abstract Expressionism; semiotics, linguistics, studies of visual/textual meaning; American landscape painting; the Ashcan School; early American abstraction; heavy/useless theory
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  1. @radredhead As far as I understand it, Bard will give you so many more opportunities and connections than Irvine. When I told my undergrad advisor last year that I was considering going the curatorial track in grad school, she said: "Go to Bard. It's by far the best program in the country." You'll only be in NY or Irvine for two years -- even if the location totally sucks (the Hudson Valley is so beautiful and will totally not suck ), it's only temporary. If you hate living in isolation from New York City, know that upon graduation you'll be able to live wherever the hell you want because you
  2. @unanachronism and @radredhead this ^^ is such good advice, and it doesn't just extend to "well, I know I like contemporary feminist art" or whatever your AOI is -- it means that you're familiar with how your research interests fit into the larger field of art history, what critical and theoretical approaches you want to take (including their common flaws and how to defend/ameliorate them), and who in the field is best suited to help you with your project. Moreover, I personally would caution against going into a PhD program without absolute certainty that that's what you want to be doing and
  3. As far as the "switcheroo" goes, I've talked to a few people who've done it, and they said not only did they basically have to start from scratch at their new institution, but they do not have good relationships with the places they came from. All of them were basically forced to transfer because of advisor issues (moving, retiring, etc), so I've never known anyone to basically take two years at a program just to have to do them again at another program voluntarily. Essentially, getting an MA only takes a few credits off your PhD course load, as far as I've heard, so it's definitely not the mo
  4. Guys, seriously, is it that hard to post civilly about, of all things, an acceptance? This sort of tone makes us all look like assholes
  5. @Mirrorical_Return I'm surprised you downvoted me, as I think we're saying the same thing! I wanted to explain the specifics of financing at the IFA, as I know when I was considering applying for MA programs and people said the phrase "cash cow", I wasn't sure what they meant. Also, just as I said, if you're independently wealthy, the IFA is obviously amazing and nothing should stop you from attending! There are a few ways to mitigate debt from an MA, but not everyone will be so lucky as to work for a non-profit, etc., and not everyone wants a terminal MA. I agree, as far as job connections go
  6. For those of you curious about the MA program at the IFA: as a PhD admit who is totally enamored of the IFA, I've heard less-than-stellar things about their MA program. It's biggest (only?) problem, obviously, is that it's a cash cow for the PhD, so they'll admit as many MA students as they need in order to fund the PhDs. In fact, if you look at the numbers, there are around 10 PhD students per cohort, and about 50 MAs. Each PhD student receives about half a million dollars over the course of their 6 years (in the form of stipend, tuition, healthcare, fees, etc), meaning a cohort of 10 is equi
  7. I think the most inappropriate thing about @northeastregional sharing things about "his wife's" experience is that less than a month ago he(/she?) apparently had a male partner...? Get your stories straight before you troll, dude.
  8. @northeastregional have you ever heard the phrase: "If everyone you encounter is an asshole, maybe you're the asshole?" You're married, you're not in academia, and, god willing, you have at least one hobby or interest that's not trolling people on the internet. So, as many of us have requested of you before: please, just leave us be.
  9. Of course all schools say "it's just a competitive program," but of course any rejection has *something* to do with one's application, which makes me think you might be asking the wrong question here. The two main reasons applicants get rejected, as far as I understand, is 1) being unqualified, and 2) not being a good fit for the program/POI. In terms of the former, lack of qualification can be anything from not having enough experience in the discipline (e.g. never having taken an art history course before), not displaying a clear understanding of the field (e.g. not understanding how your re
  10. I tried calling them today to get an update on my application before I commit elsewhere, and they hung up on me. Thinking it was a mistake, I called again.... and they hung up on me, again.
  11. @futurestandysgrad Yeah, it's definitely frustrating... I'm in the same boat with Penn and I'm dying for transparency! I don't know anything about UVA, but NYU sent out unofficial offers on Friday and official offers yesterday. NYU doesn't accept any applicants they didn't interview, if that helps clarify things.
  12. Michigan's visit weekend is this coming weekend, so all shortlisted candidates have been interviewed and invited already. The rejections that went out last week, as far as I understand, did not go to anyone on the shortlist. If you still haven't heard anything, this probably means that you're on the "second" rejection list -- some programs, instead of waitlisting applicants, hold them on a late rejection list in case a significant number of their shortlisted candidates don't accept their offers. Michigan in particular is very keen on having a high retention rate (only giving offers to those wh
  13. I think it's acceptable to contact those programs as long as you have other offers that you're considering -- e.g. "Hi York, I have an offer from xyz University and I'm hoping to give them an answer soon; are you able to give me an update on my application status?"
  14. I think a better question for @northeastregional is why they would bring that type of attitude to a thread full of people trying to commiserate about the stress of pursuing their passion/dreams. C'mon, man.
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