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  1. Hey, gradcafe! I'm pulling a King Arthur move showing up after so long, but nice to pop in and see you good folks! :o)

  2. The #JustOneMore initiative- guaranteed to get you obsessing over something besides your acceptance letters, at least temporarily!:

    1. contretemps


      #justonemore hour of obsessing and lurking in gradcafe!! haha, kidding. ;)

    2. Medievalmaniac


      #JustOneMore hour of networking with your future co-grad students, fellow job hunters, and conference goers! - very worthwhile use of time! :o)

  3. Surprise! She's back for a limited time engagement...! :)

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    2. newms


      Hanging in there too. I'm looking forward to the end of the semester while trying not to get too stressed out with final projects and exams.

    3. fuzzylogician


      Hey, welcome back!

    4. Medievalmaniac


      thank you! I just popped in to try to help the masses survive the application deadlines! ;op

  4. has returned to dispense advice and entertain all and sundry...! ;op

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    2. Medievalmaniac


      I'm hanging in there - just finished my first round of chemo last Friday. Currently working on my Chaucer chapter. :o)

    3. Strangefox


      You are great! I really admire you. Never let anything bring you down, - do research, write papers, read books and then you can get through anything!

    4. Neuronista


      heyyyyyy welcome back! Hope everything is going well :)

  5. Waiting for someone to yell "April Fool"! and make this go away...

  6. Hi, thanks for the friend request! So how does someone in geosciences also pick up a love of Beowulf? ;op

  7. FULLY FUNDED!!!!!!! Teaching assistantship and possibly a fellowship to top it off!

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    2. Ransom


      How did you find out? Did they contact you, or did you contact them?

    3. Argonaute


      Congratulations! Cheers! :)

    4. Medievalmaniac


      Ransom - the English director of graduate studies emailed me to tell me and then they sent a letter from the department and another from the graduate school. (I'm sorry, I just noticed your question!!)

  8. T-minus three days to research extravaganza 2011( otherwise known as my break week!) ;op

  9. What's on your mind?Nominated for a top university-wide fellowship! This day just keeps getting better and better....! :o) :o) :o)

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    2. Medievalmaniac


      I love you guys!! :o) Thanks for all the support!!!

    3. Kitkat


      Well, you are just meant to go to grad school this year MM!

    4. lenz


      Congrats! Look at you go!


  11. Am I REALLY going to go another weekend with NOTHING? Really? This is so tragic. I mean, not end-of-the-world tragic, but definitely cry-into-your-bourbon tragic. Le Sigh.

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    2. Zouzax


      same for me! ive decided to take control of my life again and stop waiting around for emails

    3. Langoustine
    4. newms


      :( Hang in there.
  12. Still Quiet on the Southern Front...Maybe today will be the day?

  13. Hi, thank you for the friend request, but I usually expect to get to know someone a bit before accepting those...I've removed you for the present, but would be more than happy to establish a conversation with an eye towards reversing that if it turns out we are, indeed, friendly. :o)

  14. Researching for Female Biography Project and Kalamazoo. YAY, research!! :o)

  15. Obsessively checking applyyourself = lesson in futility.... SIGH.

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    2. jcandy


      applyyourself is the worst, i don't even know where the decision letter is suppose to be found so I just click all over the place.

    3. fall-11


      I'm doing the same thing -- check email, check grad cafe, check status on app website, and then repeat ad infinitum.

    4. jcandy


      yes. all this checking. I just want one of my schools to respond. I don't think no reply is a good sign.

  16. Dear Schools: It's Valentine's Day...how about showing me a little love, here?

  17. Can we create a separate results forum for the flamers to post away on? It's soooo annoying, (and also vaguely creepy), to be forced to read through their "results" to get to the real ones!

    1. Zouzax


      agreed! so sick of it

    2. wanderlust07


      It's like Lord of the Flies out there...I find it dismally depressing.

  18. I don't have a lot of room to spare in that fine line between in and sane.

  19. YES!!! I've graduated from Mocha to Macchiato! It's the little things...! lol

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    2. beanbagchairs


      hey you macchiato!!

    3. Medievalmaniac


      Is that macchiato, or sado-macchiato? lolol I'm thinking the former, given how much time I have spent obsessing over this forum and the results page!

    4. Medievalmaniac


      And YES, for those lurking to pounce on anything right now out of the sheer anxiety and stress levels, I know it's "masochistic" and not "macchiato". It's a joke! ;op

  20. hmmmmm....Well, I might not get into a PhD program, but I DO know the words to the Star Spangled Banner....! Oooops.

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    2. Medievalmaniac


      I'm not reveling in her mistakes, I'm wallowing in my own self-proclaimed anxiety. But, as long as we are on the topic - she's sung the National Anthem countless times and she is a professional with fifteen years' experience, being paid ridiculously high sums of money to NOT blow it when the cameras are rolling and the mic is on. Nerves be darned - there was no excuse for what happened out there. It's the freaking national anthem. If she were covering someone else's so...

    3. Medievalmaniac


      If she were covering someone else's song, MAYBE it would be justifiable, but the national anthem? No excuse. I certainly feel badly for her, but I'm not going to make excuses for what happened out there, either.

    4. rolfsen


      All I can say is... supposedly what we "so proudly" watched was "the twilight's last reaming." However you want to interpret that, it doesn't make the American Revolution sound like a tasteful affair.

  21. YES!!!! 400 Posts! Only a hundred more until I'm FINALLY out of "mocha"! lol

    1. Zouzax


      lol i totally understand your excitement. i was so pumped to hit 'double shot'.

    2. Medievalmaniac


      I just don't like mochas, and I feel like I have been here forever! lolol

  22. SIGH. I'm now obsessing over my obsessing. This is officially getting bad! lol

  23. WHY will the stupid dog not stay in the backyard? He busts a new part of the fence out daily all of a sudden! :o(

  24. I'm an Arthurian scholar myself. Did my MA thesis on the early Arthurian texts as foundational in the crafting of national identity in England, focusing on psychological aspects. Currently working in alchemical language and monstrosity. :o)

  25. Completely over January. Can we just skip today and move on to the next month already?

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    2. wanderlust07


      But today is payday!

    3. MoJingly


      Oh ok, just making sure ;)

    4. Langoustine


      Yes! Helloooooooo February!

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