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    bambing reacted to StrawberryFields67 in Applying to NPSIA for 2018   
    @Chuupa Here is one of the main housing FB groups for Ottawa students: https://www.facebook.com/groups/524220117678841/
    @Delidas I hope you wouldn't mind if a Carleton MPPA student would join in too! I always enjoy a good drink and a talk about policy of some kind!
    It looks like I will be taking ECON 1000 this summer with some of you NPSIA folks. Is there some way we could make a FB group/chat to stay in touch?
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    bambing reacted to Chuupa in Applying to NPSIA for 2018   
    @limbsun You've decided on GSPIA, then ? I went to the open house this weekend and the faculty is absolutely beautiful, I could really picture myself there haha !
    Yeah, I think we should make one ? It's a nice way of getting to know everyone  ^^
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    bambing reacted to Scuderia in Applying to NPSIA for 2018   
    How many npsia students are admitted each year? Anyone know by chance?
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    bambing reacted to Omie in Applying to NPSIA for 2018   
    I unfortunately can't speak much on your chances, however I am on the same boat as you as I've been "recommended for assessment" since Feb 23rd. 
    I spoke with the NPSIA office this morning, and they said my app was still under review, and said that the process has been slowed down due to the Carleton strike. She also mentioned that those who are still under review (I am guessing this applies to your case as well), should be hearing back from them by the end of this month. 
    All to say, there is still hope! Hang in there!
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    bambing reacted to mppmgaapplicant2018 in Applying to Munk 2018   
    Oh, just to pacify some anxiety, I should add - my Acorn still reflects nothing under degree registration status. I got accepted to the MPP program at U of T as well, and it's the same case there. So, don't fret if your Acorn continues to reflect nothing. 

    Edit: SGS status for the MGA reads "Under Review" as well. 
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    bambing reacted to mppmgaapplicant2018 in Applying to Munk 2018   
    Quick question: did you recieve an acceptance on Saturday? Just making sure that that wasn't a typo. 
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    bambing reacted to BlndGeo in Applying to Munk 2018   
    This is so exciting/ nerve-racking!! Congrats to everyone that got in yesterday! Going to Munk is my dream, so I'm hoping to receive some good news this week  
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    bambing reacted to sunshine18 in Applying to Munk 2018   
    That's what I'm assuming. All they said was that decisions will be released next week
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    bambing reacted to sunshine18 in Applying to Munk 2018   
    Hold your horses! Don't feel devastated! I emailed them on Friday and they said that decisions will be made next week (so beginning Monday I guess). There's still hope you got in, although I understand it can be stressful Have you applied to any other programs?
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    bambing reacted to lily22 in Applying to Munk 2018   
    Perhaps call Munk to quell your nerves?
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    bambing reacted to alexma63 in Applying to NPSIA for 2018   
    I am curious, like @sandradee, about placements. I am particularly interested in human rights advocacy through policy change. I would like to do a placement abroad or even better, an exchange for a semester... living in Oslo or Copenhagen for a semester would be a dream. Also, I spoke to Prof Jean Daudelin about international opportunities and he mentioned that many students end up studying at Sorbonne... can anyone speak to this? 
    I wanted to offer some comfort to anyone who is not receiving TA funding on their offer. I'm a student at Carleton right now and there are a substantial amount of Out of Priority TAships (OPTAs). I did not have funding as part of my current program but have had a TAship fall and winter both years of my MSW. The only catch is that you might have to apply to a variety of disciplines. 
    I also wanted to say I'm rooting for the people who haven't received any confirmation of admission. I'm crossing my fingers for you guys!
    P.S. A lot of administrative staff went on strike today at Carleton FYI. Not sure how this will impact admissions/program administrators but I am fairly certain they're not functioning at full capacity. 
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    bambing reacted to Npsia2018 in Applying to NPSIA for 2018   
    Hello everyone,
    there seems to be a number of people wondering if NPSIA is processing applications in alphabetical order or in order of application date, so maybe my case will help clarify that.
    I got an unofficial offer of admission with funding last week. My last name starts with R. I applied on the last day (31 jan). I am a domestic student.
    Best of luck
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    bambing reacted to spadeofhearts in Applying to Munk 2018   
    Hopefully this provides a glimmer of hope that results will come for MGA applicants early March rather than mid-later! 
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    bambing reacted to Sagnik_G in Applying to NPSIA for 2018   
    Okay, good to know you guys. I'm going die stressing by that point.
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    bambing reacted to spadeofhearts in Applying to NPSIA for 2018   
    Hey all - I'm a little late to the party but I've just received my offer to NPSIA last week. Wanted to stay up to date on this thread for more info on the program as I make a decision for grad school. Congrats to everyone who was accepted so far! To everyone else who seems wholly qualified, may you not experience stress while you await your acceptance email! 
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    bambing reacted to Issa in Applying to NPSIA for 2018   
    Congrats to all who got accepted. very exciting.
    The agony officially increased 10 times. Wondering if the offers will keep coming in on a daily basis or rather in batches.
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    bambing reacted to SamNpsia in Applying to NPSIA for 2018   
    Got an offer from GSPIA with funding
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    bambing reacted to JackFr in Applying to NPSIA for 2018   
    Thanks! It says Recommended for Assessment, doubt it will be updated for a while. Seems like successful applicants will be informed by email first.
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    bambing reacted to JackFr in Applying to NPSIA for 2018   
    I just got an acceptance email from Tabbatha. So relieved. Good luck everyone else!
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    bambing reacted to Delidas in Applying to NPSIA for 2018   
    I've been "Recommended for Assessment" for what seems like ages. I'm hoping they'll just skip right to the good stuff. 
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    bambing reacted to SamNpsia in Applying to NPSIA for 2018   
    Hey everyone,
    I just got off the phone with NPSIA, according to them some decisions have been made, but no one has been informed. Offers should start rolling out by next week or the week after. 
    Stress level just went from 0 to 100 real quick. 
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    bambing reacted to Omie in Applying to NPSIA for 2018   
    Impatiently refreshing Carleton Central 15+ times a day ... *sigh* 
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    bambing reacted to Sagnik_G in Applying to NPSIA for 2018   
    I was in a very similar position, so I just wrote it anyway, but then once I completed my initial application, some stuff was emailed to me. As you know the application (at least for intl. students) is a 2 step process, the first being the OUAC application and then uploading the documents and transcripts onto CC. So, I got some general emails from the Director along with an Instructions File, I'll just tell you what the instructions for the Letter of Intent were although I'm pretty sure it was quoted verbatim somewhere in this thread earlier.
    Statement of Intent (1 required)
    For the MA/ MA-JD Program: Your statement of intent should be between 1 – 2 pages in length and
    should clearly indicate the areas of research you are interested in as well as any faculty members you
    would like to work with, courses you would like to tale and your future career goals.
    Hope that helps!
    P.S. And no, that typo is not me. That's how it came in the PDF. Just saying. 
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    bambing reacted to LoopyLex in Applying to NPSIA for 2018   
    I know of one who did her degree in neuroscience, and another that did a science degree in psychology. So yes! There's a lot of variety and someone from virtually every background. While I'd say 80% do come from a international affairs/political science background, it is by no means a requirement.
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    bambing reacted to justapersonwhochangednames in Applying to Munk 2017 - also NPSIA, GSPIA, BSIA etc   
    UPDATE: I've been on the waitlist for GSPIA for several weeks now. This week, they admitted me! I found out this way: an email alerted me to a change on my uozone account. I logged in on uozone, where my status had been changed to admitted and a PDF of an official offer was available. EEEEEEEE!!!!! i am beyond excited! 
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