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  1. On 3/18/2016 at 11:34 PM, princess said:

    Congrats! I'm still waiting for their reply since late January :/. I suppose if I don't get any reply within a week, I will email them.

    Just got an email from them saying that they will get back to us the earliest by mid April. So a couple of more weeks to go....

  2. 1 hour ago, thingii said:

    Does the Informatics program require an interview?

    For my program, the early bird deadline was 15 March, so I feel they might still be waiting until then before they commence assessing. Furthermore, there's also an interview, so that needs to be scheduled too.

    The Informatics programme may interview candidates depending on their application scores that are evaluated by the admissions committee. I found out about this from this post: https://www.quora.com/I-have-applied-for-TU-Munich-informatics-and-got-56-in-round-1-How-good-bad-is-this-score-What-sort-of-question-would-be-there-in-round-2. I believe this applies to CSE as well. So, if your application is strong, I believe that they can offer you admission without needing interviews.

  3. 53 minutes ago, thingii said:

    Strategic location...it's as if you're off to war!!

    We're in the same boat then, hopefully we both get TUM - Viel Glück! :). That being said, I reckon, it might be worth looking and/or applying at some other German uni's (i.e. the ones in TU9). Quite a few had no application fee (or something low like 50€), with the exception of posting your certified documents over (and possibly GRE).

    Haha, I say strategic because I assume many important events are held there every year and also the fact that big tech companies are have offices in Munich. I asked in quora how long I should expect to receive a reply from the admissions team, and one student say approximately one month. I sent my application on 3rd of February so I should find out about my admission to TUM pretty soon (I hope).


    Best of luck to you too :)

  4. On 2/28/2016 at 0:30 PM, thingii said:

    I have A1 proficiency, so I'll be looking to continue from A2 over there. The programs I've applied to are definitely all English-taught.

    I recall Saarland had no English language option on their website, but they had English-taught degrees as you said, which confused me. Do you have German knowledge? 

    I knew almost nothing about German language, apart from simple words like danke or tschuss. One programme in Saarland that is taught in English is the MSc in Computer Science, I'm not aware about other programmes. I'm really hoping that I got into TUM before end of this month, So that I don't have to apply anywhere else. Saarland uni is good, but I think the location isn't very strategic. TUM is the ideal choice. 

  5. 23 hours ago, thingii said:

    Now that you mention, I had a look, and my non-school activities item is gone - it was there when I submitted the online application. On my application checklist which I posted to them, I crossed it and said I will not be supplying these. Now that they've received all this, it's now gone.

    Yes, I have also that yellow exclamation :)

    Yes I did - I've followed some people's examples and listed them out in my signature (TUM, Stuttgart, RWTH, TU Hamburg). And yourself?

    I'm applying to maybe Saarland University for the MSc Computer Science. TUM and Saarland are the only universities I know that offers MSc Computer Science/ Informatics in English. I think you require proficiency in German to study in some of the universities of your choice (like Hamburg for example). Are you fluent in German already?

  6. 19 hours ago, thingii said:

    I sent my documents by post last week, and they arrived yesterday. We're in the same boat then, best of luck!

    Another thing - my TUMOnline status currently has green ticks for everything except the health insurance, which has a red cross, which leads to the applications overview page having a red cross too. I know that we don't need health insurance until enrolment, but that red cross makes me feel uneasy whenever I log in.

    Do you have the same thing?

    I nearly had a heart attack the moment I saw that red cross. However, my case is that I did not submit some optional papers to certify non school activities.You don't need health insurance to get admission. But you will need it during the enrolment. Once you have received the admission, then you can submit the health insurance that you currently have, or you can apply one in Germany. 

    What I pay attention to in my application is the admission section, and at the moment it is showing a yellow button with exclamation mark on it. 

    Did you apply to another universities in Germany? 

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