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  1. On 5/9/2020 at 10:36 AM, Faith786 said:

    Hello, I just wanted to provide an update: 

    Despite the glaring website notice that "XXX university has implemented a hiring freeze", I was contacted yesterday for a virtual campus visit that consists of research/teaching demonstration and additional interview. 

    I am confused about this contradiction, but still super excited, and praying that it goes well!!


    That's wonderful news! Congrats and good luck!

  2. On 3/21/2020 at 6:21 PM, guest11111 said:

    Hope this is ok to ask, how much did people who have been accepted for masters programmes get in merit scholarships, and what scholarships did people get? (i.e. tc scholarship, departmental?) 

    About 5 years ago now (so this info is outdated), I received $16,000 in scholarships and was told that was the maximum masters students could receive. Doctoral funding isn't really any better as far as I know.

  3. The question about freshman enrollment numbers is a good one. I know that one search at my institution was suspended due to the pandemic, but as a lowly student who is not on the search committee, I haven't received  updates about whether they'll consider virtual alternatives or wait until next fall or otherwise. (private institution, fwiw)

  4. Thanks, ZeChocMoose. Yes, this person does have a vested interest in me accepting the non-TT position, which adds to my skepticism. I appreciate the info. I didn't know there were that many differences (and especially didn't know that about grants)!

  5. How many days? It is not uncommon for my supervisor to get my feedback months later, depending on how many other projects they have in the works. Next time you send something for feedback, I would say something like, "I'd like to get this submitted by July 31. Does that timeline work for you?"

    As far as emailing about the brief idea, my supervisor doesn't seem to respond to things like that either. They have to decide how much guidance to give you and it sounds like they trust you to integrate the new idea or not.

  6. So, what about when your advisor presents some of your findings as part of their research without listing you as co-author? We (grad students) didn't *write* the conference proposal or help with assembling the presentation, but some of the findings presented were our findings (verbatim), and a result of months of our coding which our advisor had almost no hand in. I don't need another conference presentation on my cv so I don't really mind being left off for that reason, and I don't think there's any way I'll say anything, but I'm trying to figure out if my feelings (of broken trust) are valid. As PI, they'll  certainly be a co-author on the final paper, but it's weird that *we* weren't listed as co-authors on the presentation, right?

  7. I wonder if there's a way to say something like, "although I would love to have your expertise, I've been advised not to have more than 4 members on my committee because it can be hard to reach consensus with larger committees. I hope you know that I value your mentoring thus far, and would still be honored to talk with you about my work should you have the time, but I do not want to obligate you to be a superfluous committee member."

  8. My program has a "no other commitments" policy and judging from their reaction when I floated the idea of taking a part-time job, this would be heavily frowned upon. Definitely check with your graduate school, but also keep in mind that your advisor may have strong objections even if there's no written rule.

  9. Yeah I can see reasons why in-person is better (e.g., you can capture interactional details in person, such as facial expression & gesture that may be relevant to your analysis). Plus, sometimes people just respond better to an in-person interview. However, I've conducted many phone interviews due to distance of participants, and though it may sometimes be more prone to false-starts and overlapping speech, in my experience it hasn't been bad enough to ban that sort of data collection.

  10. I worked full time during my (also full-time) master's program, but I was alone in a new city in a long-distance relationship, so I wasn't worried about offending friends and family by only concentrating on school for a short time. I wouldn't say "it really isn't that difficult" as BTF seems to think, but it wasn't impossible (for me).

  11. They do have an annual grad student conference and some funding for small projects. I haven't taken advantage of those but that may help sway you. I suppose if networking is worth the dues, it's something to consider. Reddit has a few more enlightening threads.

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