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  1. phonotactless

    How are you preparing for next year?

    my coworker took an entrance exam yesterday, and today told me she should hear back about admission today or by monday at the latest... the jealousy seething in me was like a physical force
  2. phonotactless

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    hey! I didn't apply to any of those programs (though UCLA was tempting, but the sheer size of LA straight up scares me), but based on your screen name we have similar interests!
  3. phonotactless

    Wrong Information in Grad School Application

    depends on what it is -- I accidentally entered my birth date backwards for one school (American vs European system) and the school just emailed me like "hey, I noticed your birth date is backwards on your application compared to your transcript, which one is correct?" and it seems to be fine. I would just email them and say you mistyped it, I don't think most places will consider that anything more than human error.
  4. phonotactless

    How are you preparing for next year?

    I am also down for a recipe exchange! I'm currently taking a gap year working retail so there really isn't much to keep my brain distracted at the moment.
  5. phonotactless

    Deadline for Recommendation Letters

    I'm applying for a different subject but this just happened to me as well -- got an email from one of my schools saying they were missing my GRE scores and English proficiency test, even though I know ETS reported my scores directly to them and I'm not required to prove my English proficiency since I have an undergrad degree from a university in the UK...
  6. phonotactless

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    All my applications are due basically now so I sent in my last one on Sunday — now it’s just the endless waiting ahah good luck with your last one!
  7. phonotactless

    That awkward moment when...

    I think generally there’s more leeway in LOR deadlines than application deadlines, so you might still be okay on that front!
  8. phonotactless

    That awkward moment when...

    I ended my statement with "I am very excited to pursue graduate education at [school]" and miraculously only forgot to change it once... thankfully they let me resubmit my SOP when I emailed the department!
  9. phonotactless

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    yeah exactly -- the more I looked at the CU website the more I was like wait, no, this isn't what I want after all and Washington seemed to have much more opportunities for sociophonetics type stuff. I am a little in horror at how expensive it would be to live in Seattle though lmao (although let's be real my Grey's Anatomy fangirl self would love it) I did my undergrad at Edinburgh in Scotland! what about you?
  10. phonotactless

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    I'm just about to send in my final applications! Still missing Penn and Michigan because they had more specific SOP instructions than the rest. And I actually last-minute decided to ditch Boulder and put U Washington back in instead, so that's even more overlap between us haha
  11. I’m polishing my SOP, and I’m wondering how to strike a balance between being too vague and too specific with my research interests. I’m worried that being too vague will come off as if I don’t know what I’m talking about and I’m just pulling it out of my ass, and being too specific will scare departments off and make them think I’m not a good match. Does anyone have any good examples/guidelines for a middle ground?
  12. This might be a strange question but I just realised I don't know -- in my statement of purpose, am I supposed to be talking about linguistics or Linguistics? I'm pretty sure if it's specific degree programs it's "the Linguistics degree program" but what if I'm just talking about the field in general, like "I am interested in [L/l]inguistics because xyz"?
  13. phonotactless

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    I did my undergrad at Edinburgh, I can definitely recommend the department! I did some computational courses (speech processing/synthesis) and the resources and people are incredible. I can't say much about applying or financing, unfortunately, as it's very different for undergrad and also for EU residents, but the city is great, and the entire linguistics department is full of lovely, inspiring people.
  14. phonotactless

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    hey all, I noticed there wasn't a thread like this for linguistics yet and I wanted to connect with other people working on their applications! I graduated from my undergrad this summer and am currently taking a gap year to save some money. I'm planning on applying to Ohio State, Stanford, UPenn, CU Boulder, Michigan, and Northwestern, and my focus is sociophonetics, and phonology/phonetics more broadly. (and by now my spellcheck really should recognise sociophonetics as a word, tbh.) where are you applying?

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