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  1. Hi all, current NPSIA student. Application season / grad cafe veteran. Feel free to DM me any questions about the program (co ops, internships, etc.)
  2. I accepted my NPSIA admission offer (22k). By profile I'm assuming you mean major, GPA, professional/extracurricular experience, volunteer stuff, and the like, right? Or do you mean academic/career interests and goals? I'll share both. I did my BA Lhons in pol sci, last 2 years 3.8-ish GPA. Two research assistant positions with faculty members. 2 publications. 2 conference presentations. lots of community volunteer work (some relevant to IA). Volunteer work abroad helping out with refugee relief efforts. A bit of online volunteer work for UN. Going into the conflict concentration at NPSIA, taking the thesis route, intend on focusing on new patterns of conflict like hybrid warfare and what the implications are concerning NATO. Hoping to find employment in GAC or an intergovernmental organization. I don't intend on doing a doctorate though perhaps way down the road because teaching is something I can see myself really enjoying.
  3. Yeah I got my offer today. After my file being "incomplete" for so it is like I forgot I even applied to GSPIA. I'm turning it down for NPSIA.
  4. Anyone have any thoughts on whether or not NPSIA might budge on the required B- grade for the econ requirement? I am taking micro right now, and the class average on the midterm was 39%. The class is graded on a curve with the class average being scaled up to a C+. I scored higher than the class average on the midterm BUT at the end of the day it is quite possible that I don't do better than the average and end up with a C+ and not a B-. I could always retake it during the summer so its not the end of the world but thinking wishfully has me hoping that perhaps the B- cut-off is a loose policy? Meh probably not.
  5. "Your file is in evaluation with the admissions committee. Students are generally informed of the Admissions Committee's decision within 6 to 8 weeks following the completion of their application file." That is what GSPIA just told me.
  6. no. my theory is that no one is getting admitted save for the 2 peeps that Daniela processed before their two bit operation got overwhelmed. they will probably retire the entire program and try to rebuild. I expect the announcement by weeks end
  7. Nancy is a boss. I had heard rumors of a lady at GSPIA who is super nice and helpful and yes, friends, the rumors are true. If you phone in and Daniela answers, just hang up and keep trying until Nancy answers. And yeah, NPSIA has been top notch throughout this whole process. My theory is that this is the 1st year where everyone is starting to see NPSIA and GSPIA on equal footing and a whole lot of folks are even listing GSPIA as their top choice, so an increase in applications has probably thrown them a curve ball. In previous years it has probably just been Daniela in an office full of cobwebs quietly losing her mind getting 3 phone calls a week (which would explain some things) and then this year a 8.5 million people applied so they brought big Nancy in on contract to handle things but their online system just can't cope so its just been one huge technical glitch. It seems as if Daniela was able to process 2.5 applications back in early feb before things got crazy.
  8. no one else has even heard from back from gspia yet. it's as if they sent out 2 offers a few weeks ago and then just went on vacation. my application was 'incomplete' from Feb 1st to like 2 days ago. fucking unreal. and then you call them and Daniela picks up the phone and sounds all flustered like your wasting her time and then you call back a month later and they are like oh yah hehe looks like we accidently labelled your letter of intent as a resume hehe so we just ignored your application good thing you called hehe.
  9. I'm wondering which program is better in terms of co-op options and placements. Most folks seem to pair them up equally in this respect.
  10. Yeah me too, I'm calling tomorrow just to get 100 percent confirmation on what the details are. I'll post what I find out. I'd love to just ditch economics over the summer and focus on working full time and saving money instead. I've taken micro so I am hoping I can just take macro in the fall.
  11. Again, for those interested in the topic of GSPIA versus NPSIA, here is a thread. Some good insights have been posted! Add to the convo with any information you have
  12. What about the fact that GSPIA offers the possibility of an internship at a Canadian embassy abroad? As far as I know, NPSIA doesn't have an official internship program. At this point, this is the only thing that could swing me away from NPSIA. It has been so hard to get any work experience so I am really pulled to any kind of outside of the classroom stuff. What do ya'll think about this?
  13. Do you have overseas stuff on your CV? I think NPSIA is pretty obsessive about whereas for the MA in pol sci they prob have their eyes on other things
  14. Econ prerequisite - ECON 1000 or an equivalent university level introductory micro- & macroeconomics (1.0 credit) with a grade of B- or better in each course must be completed by December 15, 2017. I have micro done already so it looks like I can just take macro in the fall instead of this summer.
  15. It looks like you get a lump sum each term. For me its 5100 in the fall and then again in the winter, both years
  16. I'm still waiting for my official offer but from what I have seen, it seems that all the funding packages that were sent out so far include TA positions!
  17. NPSIA status just updated to review in progress by fgpa. Thought I would share that because I didn't think any changes were made during the weekends.
  18. I'm doing online right now. My girlfriend is an econ major so I can get tutored. Without that I would be 100% screwed. So in person I would say is easier because you can meet people in class and form study groups and of course you can see the prof work through the problems etc. But I have always really struggled with this stuff. For someone who takes to it much easier, perhaps the pros of an online course would outweigh the cons
  19. I'm doing micro right now so that I can do macro in the summer. Literally, doing micro right now, trying to work through this week's problem set. The average on the midterm last semester was 47%, it is really tough stuff for a lot of folks including me. The prof says he will scale the average to a C+, but to get into NPSIA a B- is needed which means I need to outperform the others in the class and so far I am not doing that.
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