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  1. I'll weigh in because I just graduated, had the same gpa and similar stats, and wanted to go into an MPP straight out of undergrad. I was applying to programs while simultaneously job hunting, which I encourage. I was able to land a competitive government job that pays right around the average of what I'd be making coming out of the masters that will be a great asset in two years when, or if, I do decide to go back to school. I only share this because I was set on going back to school immediately upon graduation because I thought there would be no options for me in the field. I think you'll fi
  2. Thank you for the feedback! I probably wouldn't include the recent change of heart in my narrative, but if its any consolation law school was supposed to always be a guide toward politics for me. Once I sat down and thought about how realistic it would be to actually get to work with policy, outside of reading it, I realized my passion for econ and public interest topics is better suited with a degree in policy. As far as interests, I already know I would be going into economic development, more specifically international development with an emphasis on the effects of trade while hopefully als
  3. Thank you for the info, that makes me feel better going into the app process. For LORs, all three of mine are from professors, I could get one from my boss at my internship but I don't know how great she is at crafting LORs for this program, only really knows law school. Should I diversify or are professors fine? All three know me incredibly well, and are from different disciplines that I think could each highlight a specific aspect of my strengths.
  4. Thank you for all the help. I've done some management work for student media on campus which put me in a position where I was in charge of over 100 volunteers and advocated for more funding for our volunteer base which tends to be much more diverse than other on-campus publications. This was a formally paid, managerial position amongst students, but I don't know how much that helps. I also have close to 8 months at a legal internship, which did have some research in policy but more drafting than anything. My volunteer work was mostly on my own time, but it is a decent amount of work. I really
  5. I recently decided I would like to pursue an mpp, but since I'm new to the process I'm still pretty clueless on some of the traits that these programs look for. For me, the most concerning thing is the work experience aspect. I have volunteer work during undergrad and full time work during my time as an undergrad, but nothing pertaining to policy. A lot of the work was with campus organizations or in law offices since law school was the original plan. I'm an econ major with a 3.87 GPA, my GRE was 167Q, 168V, and 5W. Do these numbers still make me competitive for programs like UCLA or is the la
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