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  1. Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    Just found out the two professors I wanted to advise me during my program are leaving the department. Its not the end of the world, though. Also, I start my program in August, but I wish I had known about the second one leaving before I committed to the program.
  2. American Studies programs

    So sorry for all the rejections everyone. If you've appplied to more than one schools and are waiting to hear back, the wait it not over yet! Be sad first, then do something fun today to cheer yourself up and try your best to stay positive.
  3. That's interesting that your mentor would make that comment, as my mentor in AA told me last summer that there are more and more schools seeking AFAM/AMStudies scholars since many are establishing formal programs and departments to keep up with an ever-diversifying academy. My main concern applying for AFAM was indeed the job market, so hearing his advice totally reassured me. I've read elsewhere that out of the core 10-ish doctoral programs in AfAm Studies/Africana Studies, many faculty in the field are likely to retire over the decade which would leave about 10 doctorate granted in the field per year. That leaves a serious need for new scholars in the field. Perhaps shrinking the incoming cohort over time will help balance this out.
  4. Same here; this one kind of stung a little. I also got a Brown rejection and a waitlist from UT-Austin on Monday. A grueling week for African American Studies indeed.
  5. American Studies programs

    How did your rejection come through? I'm anticipating mine but I don't even know where to look on Wolverine Access.
  6. American Studies programs

    Hey everyone! Has anyone on this thread applied to NYU for American Studies and University of Michigan for American Culture?
  7. Hey everyone! Just wanted to check in and see if anyone has heard back from their programs yet? It feels like every other discipline except ours is starting to hear back.
  8. How many times have you checked your spam box today?

    I check each Google tab just in case as well "Primary, Social, News."
  9. How many times have you checked your spam box today?

    That's pretty much my routine. I wasn't really on here much previous to seeing interviews in my field go out. News is starting to seep out in a twisted way. Those that got rejected have gotten rejected, and then there are those of us who have not heard back but still feel disheartened because of those rejections. Someone told me last night "no news is good news." I'm not sure I believe that anymore 😫
  10. How many times have you checked your spam box today?

    I find myself to be checking this site more and more as things start to move along. Only a few people in my circle know that I have even applied to PhD programs so at least I don't have people constantly asking me if I've heard back yet.
  11. Congrats on the Berkeley interview!! Fingers crossed I also hear back from them. I didn't apply to NU but I've spent some time there as I live in Chicago. My friends who applied to NU also received their rejection today via email.
  12. How many times have you checked your spam box today?

    The same happens to me due to ETS super blasting my info to schools I have no interest in (like NYU engineering, UNC Greensboro). And they are usually from the DGS with a super attention-grabbing headline.
  13. How many times have you checked your spam box today?

    I've also checked spam 4 times. I have my email set to alert me on my phone so I rarely have to log in (although sometimes I don't get notified for emails. It's so sad when its not a POI or DGS.