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  1. dustonthedash

    Tucson, AZ

    Bump! Moving here in August. I've started the apartment search, but it appears a lot of stuff is not even listed yet. Would appreciate tips on dog-friendly 1 bedrooms if ya got em.
  2. Same! Currently doing fieldwork and writing a paper. I'll likely have a couple weeks off before the semester though so will probably go home and visit family before starting the grad student life.
  3. No UMN or Tulane yet for me. They're assumed rejections in my book...but now that April 15th has passed it should become official really soon.
  4. Rejection letter from Princeton today. Knew it was coming, but it's kind of a relief to hear something official.
  5. Hi all! For the past couple years I've been looking at PhD programs with just my undergrad degree, and though I've received a lot of positive feedback from POIs, when it gets down to the wire I just haven't been making the cut. I decided to apply to a couple of Master's programs this year, and received a fully-funded offer (tuition waiver, TAship) that it looks like I'll be taking. That being said, I still plan to pursue a PhD when my MS is completed. What can I make sure I do over the next couple of years to make my PhD applications more successful? Attend conferences? Publish what I can? Ace all of my coursework? Do a summer fellowship (like NSF EAPSI?) Network like crazy? My research is at the intersection of evolutionary biology and behavioral ecology, if that makes any difference. One thing I did hear from one of my rejections is that my research interests weren't the best fit with what the lab will be studying moving forward.
  6. First official acceptance and first official rejection both within the last week, and still not a peep from my other 5 applications. Waiting is hard but at least I know I'll be going to grad school somewhere in the fall. Best of luck to all of you!
  7. Rejected from CU Boulder today, my top choice. POI sent me a really nice email, though, and I can't believe how many people applied to her lab alone....30! I wonder if it's that competitive for my other applications...
  8. I would definitely contact the graduate coordinator. That's how I found out about a couple of mine.
  9. Cornell EEB sent their interview invites around mid-December. They'll start rolling out rejections in the first two weeks of February (I applied last year).
  10. Recent ASU Biology alumna here too! Good luck with all your apps!
  11. Nice! My research interests have some overlap between behavioral/evolutionary ecology, i.e. sexual selection and drivers of speciation. You and I both applied to Tulane and Princeton, and I have apps out at 5 other programs as well (UMN, CU Boulder, U of A, FSU, Ole Miss.) It's my understanding, as well, that professors at Tulane typically invite students out individually because the smaller size of the program. I applied with a professor who's been there for a handful of years (and I believe she's at a conference right now), so I'll just have to wait and see. Congrats on your interview and have fun at your visit! And yes, I'd say we should expect rejections from Princeton. They'll make official decisions in mid-February, but considering they only admit ~8 students to EEB each year I don't feel too bad about it.
  12. Hi! We have a similar background (honors thesis, undergrad grants, grades/scores, good LoRs) and applied to a couple of the same programs. What area of EEB are you hoping to study? For Tulane, I know that the official deadline wasn't until 1/15 for PhDs...did you send your application in early to find out about your interview? I haven't heard back yet. Also, Princeton EEB already sent out all their invites. I emailed the coordinator on January 9th to find out.
  13. So, I haven't heard anything officially from any school and am starting to get antsy. During the application season I had really good rapport with a PI who made it seem that I would almost certainly get into her lab, would it be tacky to contact her to get back in touch? I wouldn't ask her directly about admissions, I just fear how it would look to send her a random "check in" email after a month of no contact, when it happens to be interview invite week.
  14. So if you guys don't get an interview invite, are you going to check with your POI just to make sure? When I skyped with mine back in November she made it sound like I would almost certainly get in, but I know that interview invites for my program went out last week Is it tacky to send some kind of status-check email directly to your POI instead of the coordinator?
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