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  1. On the off chance that this is of interest to anyone - Boston College held an info session for MA admits this week and mentioned that the incoming PhD cohort is 5 people. (Congrats to whoever you are!) Also they are now offering an Advanced Quantitative Certificate, which consists of 5 stats courses. It's so new it's not on the website yet. MA is not funded, though.
  2. @xyz234 @lkaitlyn Thank you both for the super fast reply! Sorry for being unclear and you are right that I am not currently enrolled anywhere. For my MS, I took stats, research methods, and some other relevant courses, so I guess that's probably not a weak spot for me. I did get a little research experience as an RA but getting more is definitely part of the plan – I was hoping to find a productive distraction while I compete with a bunch of other people looking to do the same thing, lol! Thanks for the input!
  3. Hey all! While I wait for a decision from my final outstanding program, I want to distract myself while also planning for the worst-case scenario! So, if I won't be enrolling in a program this year, I'd like to take one or two sociology courses while I prep for the next cycle. My goals in doing so are to: add some formal sociology coursework - I took 1 soc course in undergrad and 1 cross-listed course as part of my MS program, but neither were theory develop a sociological writing sample to use in apps further define my research interests and potential grad projects po
  4. I was really happy to see that a program I'm interested in is now ranked (UMass Boston). The last time the rankings came out, I think UMB's PhD program was too new to be considered so it was nowhere on the list. I am not putting much bearing on the actual rank, but it's reassuring to see evidence that the program is known by its peers to some degree!
  5. Thanks - you got accepted there and waitlisted for funding? It's crazy to me that programs continue to "guarantee" funding when they don't know if they can follow through on it. I mean, add it to the list of things that programs are doing this cycle that boggle the mind, but still. Hope your package is right around the corner!
  6. I wish I had applied to more MA programs!! I already have an MS in another field, and I really resisted the idea of doing another master's just to turn around and do a PhD program, mostly because of the extra time it would take. I am strongly committed to not taking on more debt for any program, but I really did not understand the different funding options. I also thought I actually had a chance at getting into a program with my current credentials. My thinking has evolved, lol. More MA programs offer funding than I realized, I feel like I really need the MA experience to make myself comp
  7. For folks getting admitted but waitlisted for funding - congrats on the admits, and that sounds super frustrating. I hope your funding comes through soon!! I'm just curious if these are programs that say they guarantee funding for all admitted students (in normal times)? Or are they programs that don't guarantee funding per se, but do typically provide funding?
  8. Thanks for sharing this!! And ditto on the funding issue @nicolesaparty Also, I find the language of their reply weirdly unprofessional... “you do not make the cut”?? And you’re “a perfect candidate” for the MA but your app is still being reviewed for MA... I dunno. Nice to receive a quick and helpful response though, guess I’m just salty from the rejection!
  9. Thanks for replying. I’m sorry that you’re in the same boat but it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one! My best guess at this point (based on nothing but posts on this website lol), is that I’m pretty far down the waitlist and might get a spot in the masters program. But who knows, logic doesn’t seem to apply to any aspect of this process. Good luck to you!!
  10. Hey folks, anyone who has been waitlisted by BC on here? How did you find out? I haven't heard anything from them at all and my application status is still "submitted" in the portal... What does it mean when you are not accepted, not rejected, and not waitlisted? 🤔
  11. Hey, congrats! That’s super helpful, thanks for chiming in. Guess that’s it for me... Can’t wait to go through all of this again in a year. 🙃 Good luck everyone!!!
  12. WHOA I am both shocked and thankful that I did not know about this site earlier... thank you for sharing! I was surprised to see such early results submitted. Hope you're right and that good news is on the way for both of us!
  13. Has anyone got insight into the timing of Boston College's decisions this year? I saw a couple submissions on the results page and I know this is the week that admissions have gone out in past years but who knows... It still feels a little bit too early for me to bug their admin person so I thought I'd ask here instead to self-soothe, lol!
  14. I'm really glad you asked this question! We have a little bit in common - I'm also mid-30s with a master's in another field (policy), and I work at a nonprofit. I'm looking to shift to sociology and hope to land in a research-focused role in a research center or agency. It looks like I won't get accepted to a PhD program this cycle, so I am now considering doing a terminal MA program, but only because I still want to do a PhD and I think a master's will give me the best shot at boosting my profile (and only if I can get some funding!). The roles I want don't always require a PhD, but I st
  15. Congrats on the UC Irvine interview, that’s sounds like a great exchange! And thanks for sharing. It is a little early for BC yet but in the past it seems that Northeastern sent invites for their pre-admission events the week of MLK Day, so I thought there might be some movement last week. I hope we both get good news this week!
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