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  1. Can someone ELI5 and explain why someone in the RS field would get two Masters (not judging, it just seems like this has been a hot topic online lately within the field)?  None of my professors have received two masters, and the majority of graduate students at "top tier" programs only have one as well (as you can find on the schools website in graduate students section).  I'm sure there are some students who may have two masters, but it seems like a huge time inconvenience - not to mention it suggests to me, that we grad students may not be selecting the best coursework?  I know a lot of students who got MDIV went back because they felt it was too "preachy" and they wanted to work more on the "academic" side (MA/MTS).  I was always under the impression that papers, presentations, and conferences were huge qualifiers, as well as learning a language (which can be done over 2 summers and continuously through semesters).  Isn't the goal to get a PhD after Masters?

  2. Different field, but I assume it doesn't hurt.  I was in our student government for a year and a half, and I got into a top university known for their contributions towards supporting social justice groups; my area of study is politics and religion of antiquity and modern engagement, so that might have something to do with it.  It can also be good in spot of having a job - I had three jobs in undergrad and this was one of them.  I got tons of experience and one of my LoR's came from a faculty member who ran student affairs, and we've become great friends.  It's good to show leadership qualities because it shows you're on top of your game and know how to handle different situations.  My GPA was crap from my teenage years, so I think this certainly helped.

  3. 1 hour ago, Whippoorwill said:

    Hello fellow applicants! Long time lurker here. I have been accepted at the University of Chicago Div School, with 50% tuition. While I'm totally thrilled about this acceptance- I'm definitely worried about the cost. I've applied for the Religion, Art, and Lit track- I'm interested in the mashup of contemporary art, politics, and religion. 

    How is the decision making process going for all of you? It seems that a lot of people here are thinking of going to on PhD programs after a masters- are there any people who aren't? What are you thinking of doing career-wise post masters?

    Hard. Like you I only received a little over half covered for tuition. I qualified for the merit process at BU SOT but didn't make that round. :(. For me, this is my dream and BU is an amazing college and I will learn so much. But the debt is scary but I am fortunate to have a partner through this process which helps some of the burden of being a student. I'll assess where I am when I'm finished with my MTS, but worst case my plan is to teach community college (even if I get into grad school) to get my foot in the door teaching.  Hard to decide what to do as well, considering I'm in mid 20s and would like a family at some point in the next 6-7 years. 

  4. Hi everyone! So it looks like I will be going to Boston University in one capacity or another but I do have a question regarding the difference between the SoT and GDRS.  Their website does not provide anything specific and the faculty are primarily the same. Only difference is tracks that I can see from the website, as well as GDRS offers MA in Religion VS BU SoT (MTS which was what I applied to).  


    Does anyone have first hand experience with one or the other that would help clear things up when decision time approaches? I spoke with a graduate student, now professor from the SoT and she only told me that the classes were more intimate with smaller amounts of students.  



  5. What's wrong? What are the main issues you're experiencing? Think of all the scientists in the world who spend decades of studying only to find their results mean nothing. Sometimes finding nothing helps you look in different places for better understanding. Don't give up! If you truly don't feel passionate, maybe take some time off and approach it again?

  6. How are you a philosophy scholar if you can't accept new paths?  Seems a bit odd to me to have such a black and white perspective about graduate school, and to study philosophy.  Admittedly, you said it ended up being worth it.  I will hold no resentment if I don't get into my #1 pick because someone else deserved it more than I did (most likely), or they don't have the resources to train me in my field. 

    We all get bummed out about things not going our way, but you have to buck up and move on because if you stay in the past, those negative thoughts are just going to stunt your potential.

  7. 1 hour ago, avocet said:

    Finally got an email from Union, and it's an acceptance with a $14,000/year grant! Honestly shocked, as I thought I wouldn't even get in, nevermind get this much aid! 

    Just waiting for BUSTh and HDS, but I'm relieved to know I'll be able to go somewhere! 

    That's awesome!  Odd BU SoT hasn't gotten back to you yet because I heard from them almost a month ago.  Still waiting on BU GDRS though.

  8. 14 hours ago, ibn daoud said:

    Very happy we all made it! How many of you are planning to attend? Are you waiting til HDS results come out to think seriously about it?

    I'm visiting HDS currently and have to say I don't feel as strongly about the program as I did at Chicago, but my reasons are strictly based on the MDiv program itself (I know most of you (all?) are applying for masters). Granted, it's Harvard, and the program is still top-notch, but I think personally I would be a better fit at UChicago and the work I wish to do would be more appropriate there as well.

    Even though Harvard is great, UC is a top rated program currently, and graduates are getting jobs.  They have amazing research and many students work on publications there.  They didn't have my area of interest there, but I did look into it when I was starting my journey looking for graduate schools.


    I think we all just want to know if we're HDS material.  Haha!

  9. 20 hours ago, avocet said:

    SoT (M.Div.). I still haven't heard back. I'm not sure if this is a bad sign or just a result of having rolling admissions. I'm also not sure if all the acceptances that are being reported are just folks eligible for the full-tuition fellowship (which I am not eligible for). 

    I was accepted Feb 16 for MTS at the SoT.  I also applied to GRDS but I read somewhere they don't release information till mid April, so I asked for an extension - I'm sure they saw on my application that I applied to both colleges, and so they extended till April 21st.

  10. On 2/23/2017 at 11:12 AM, Kld89! said:

    Hi! So I was just admitted to BU and waiting to hear from HDS... what program did you apply to? I have until April 15th for BU, maybe there is wiggle room. 

    I applied to the School of Theology for MTS New Testament and Early Christianity.  I asked for an extension and it's pushed until the 15th now as well too - did you apply to GRDS or SoT?  They sent in my application for merit review as well, so should have an update this week.  Here's hoping. 


    What about you?  What program did you apply?

  11. I applied to BU SoT, Harvard Divinity, and BU Graduate Division of Religious Studies.  I was accepted to BU SoT and may possibly receive additional funding through their merit process (fingers crossed)on the 12th, and I know GRDS doesn't give results until April 20th, and HDS March 15-16.

  12. Hi everyone!  I was accepted last week into BU's MTS program at the School of Theology.  I am beyond excited and know this school is a great fit for me  - however, like every other student applying for grad programs, I applied to HDS as well.  According to GC and Google info, they don't release their admissions until March 15-16, which is a week after my acceptance deadline for BU.  I asked my current professor if I should accept the offer - he suggested i accept BU and later reject if I get into HDS, but I feel that asking for an extension would be better since I would still possibly want to take classes at BU through the institute. 


    How would I ask for an extension without sounding like it's not my top pick?  I would be very happy at BU so it is a top pick for me, but I don't want to put all my eggs in a basket before I hear back from HDS.  I want to make sure I make the best pick financially and long term. 



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