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  1. 3 hours ago, catman14 said:

    Good to hear about the interview. I was at the webinar in November for uoft and Julia said that there is like 175 applicants, they interview 75 and like 35 get in...That's why the wait makes me nervous..Hopefully everything goes well!


    Any reason you chose to apply for uoft only and not McM also?


    Yeah, apparently they had almost 200, but have only 37 spots. The wait is making me nervous as well, but I hope we hear from them soon!

    Tbh I want to work outside of Canada, and based on my research UofT is much more recognized internationally compared to McM.

    16 months is better than 18 months too 

    I also heard that UofT students get better coop placements, but i'm not sure about that one.

  2. 9 hours ago, catman14 said:

    Has anyone heard anything new? Curlygirl, how was the interview?


    I'm still "waiting it out"..havn't heard anything from uoft or mcmasters. Hopefully we get some news soon!

    Hey Catman, the interview went really well. I guess I prepared myself as much as possible so I wasn't too nervous. I only applied to UofT so I'm not sure about McM. 

    I read from last year's thread that the interview process is just a formality and that if we're being interviewed, we're most likely in. Do you think that still stands?

    I think we should get an email at least by the end of this month. So I'm still "Waiting it out" as well. Hate waiting though!

  3. On 3/2/2017 at 6:29 PM, bananacad said:


    I am new to this forum. I also just had an interview with U of T MHI. What did you guys think of the interview? I am worried that I didn't respond to the some of the questions as well as I could have. 


    Hey bananacad, would you be able to tell me what kind of questions you were asked? i'm worried I may not do well either because I get really nervous :(

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