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  1. searched through the results seciton, seems as though people got rejections emails today

    anyone here get rejected/accepted yet?

    got into queen's MPA, but i still want to go to ryerson, and since i got into queen's i'm hoping that means i'll get into ryerson

  2. bumping this


    spoke to the program director on the phone tuesday the 21, and she told me round two would be coming out early this week or next

    hoping if anyone hears they can post here so i should know if i should be worried or not about not hearing 

  3. 3 minutes ago, OKJAANU said:

    If you check the results form, Ryerson is notorious for giving very late acceptances. My friend was accepted last year in mid-April. So don't fret! It can happen. You may want to ask, the administrator is quite nice. 

    To answer your second question, they gave me 6k.

    i emailed the administrator Mary Beth Kraay via email yesterday, and got no reply

  4. 53 minutes ago, OKJAANU said:

    Hi all, I have received an email from both Ryerson and SPPG at 3 today. Ryerson's letter is the same as all of you, to check RAMSS but it seems positive. I got a letter from SPPG stating I got in. This is crazy! I can't believe it.

    i still have not received anything so i have to assume i wasn't in the first round, or in at all

    hopefully hear soon

  5. 28 minutes ago, tashap18 said:

    Sending you positive vibes. I also got an email from Queens today saying they were still accepting applications even though the deadline has passed ( I started my application for the program but didnt finish it). Maybe something to consider/look into.

    Queen's told you this about MPA?

  6. i haven't heard anything - can't be a good sign

    for anna123 and tashap18 do either of you go to Ryerson? just because I know at my school (Queen's) they seemed to be accepting our own students earlier

    please update this thread if any updates occur


  7. 38 minutes ago, Anna123 said:

    I also applied to the MPPA program at Ryerson and MPP at UofT.

    My UofT application shows "decision made", and there's no information on Ryerson's RAMSS...

    The suspense is killing me!

    you got into U of T then - I guarantee it

    my UofT app still says under review, but a friends said decision made, and he got the email today offering him admission to UofT MPP.
    congrats. I have no idea what ryerson is doing

  8. yeah - i go to queen's but didn't particularly want to come back just because all my friends were leaving and didn't wanna pay a whole other year of rent when i could just live at home in toronto, which is why i only applied to the toronto programs

    although in hindsight i wish i had applied to queen's because it seems that everyone who applied got in basically, and from what i've heard they accept you even easier if you already went to queen's for an undergrad

  9. 16 hours ago, OKJAANU said:

    I applied, nothing yet. They're a bit later than other schools if you check the results in gradcafe.

    i thought so too - the only schools i applied to were ryerson mppa and u of t mpp because I was planning to stay in toronto

    i have a friend who got into queens mpa, queens history and carlton mpa and hasn't heard back from ryerson so i assume its a good sign

    i really hope i get in

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