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  1. Bushsh

    50% at MAPSS Chicago

    Thanks for responding! I suppose its a good idea to wait a year. I'm having a hard time finding terminal masters programs that provide decent funding. I'm American but I studied abroad and don't know about grad school dynamics here. Back at my undergrad school, I was always told that American citizens don't get funding for their masters in the United States.
  2. Bushsh

    50% at MAPSS Chicago

    Hello friends. I recently got an acceptance from UChicago's MAPSS program. I was wondering if getting 50% funding is a big deal or if its very common to receive? If the award is not very competitive to receive, I'm thinking I should wait it out and try again next year for better funding. I just graduated from a foreign Bachelors in Social Sciences and have a 3.5/4 CGPA and decent GRE score. I've done two research assistant jobs but not directly in anthropology. Also, can anyone share there experience at MAPSS? I've received such mixed responses.

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