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  1. Writing sample: if you’re in a highly technical field (phil physics, maths, etc.), it might be better to refrain from using too technical a writing sample. It might even be a better choice to write something in a different subfield. I got into quite a few top schools with more philosophers doing technical work (like oxford Dphil), but got rejected from some lower ranked ones.
  2. Weird. I haven’t heard anything from Arizona...
  3. A student in my MA program was also admitted to MSU two days ago or so.
  4. Applying for a phil physics slot (hopefully we’re rare this season). Writing sample is on the recent effective realism literature from Williams, Fraser, and Ruetsche. Top programs: Michigan, USC, UC Irvine, Pitt, Princeton, but applying to quite a few. Was accepted to all the funded MA programs I applied to (~11), and am about to finish up the one I enrolled in. Still pretty worried about the results, but good luck to us all!
  5. They've been good with giving frequent updates, but I assume they have to wait until those with funded offers accept/decline (or until the deadline passes)? That's why I'm a bit confused as to what to do
  6. I'm second on the waitlist for funding at my top school, but might not know if I'll receive the funding until after the 15th. So, I'm not sure whether to accept the offer from my second choice. Does anyone know how to go about handling this?
  7. If I end up choosing between FSU and UF's MA program, which do you think is a better choice? (Especially in terms of entering a good PhD program)? Both are offering about the same package ($15,000~16 stipend).
  8. Decent funding package to UF's MA
  9. Does anyone know anything about FSU's MA program? I'm seriously considering their offer (the funding is especially attractive), but I'm worried about attending a program with both PhD students and MA students; also, I'm not sure how the dynamic of applying to other universities is. That is, do they expect you to continue towards their PhD and offer less support for other PhD programs? Edit: if I don't get funding from VTech, then this would likely be my choice
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