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  1. 2018 Applications Thread

    Don't be nervous about this @mintless. You've tried so many programs. The result from one school does not represent the way other programs see you as an applicant. Also, it is January; only half way through the process. You will hear good news soon.
  2. 2018 Applications Thread

    Hi, @JF222. Welcome to this thread. Yeah, we are all very nervous. I will also check my email many times. Your Bachelor's degree obtained in the US will help a lot I thInk. Our research interests are very similar, in fact. The universities you chose are well-suited for you. I am just a little bit curious: If you are enrolled at NUS or NTU, I think both schools are very good and better than some of the universities you applied for, why didn't you stay in Singapore? Also, why didn't you try UCSB? Professor Joseph Walther there is very influential. Interestingly, he held positions in Singapore for several years before returning to the United States last year.
  3. 2018 Applications Thread

    Hi, @Shay825, fingers crossed that you can get response soon. It's not me either. I did not apply for Maryland College Park. I think luck will be with you since your working experience is impressive. Considering that most applicants are fresh graduates from school, you definitely have a competitive edge. Looking forward to hearing your good news!
  4. 2018 Applications Thread

    @Phoebe Zhao. Yes, I am sure that OSU requires a Speaking score of over 28 if you need funding. I have checked this point with Kylie, the persona responsible for graduate admission at School of Communication at OSU. Without funding, I could not afford another MA in the USA, neither. However, as far as I know, some MA Comm. programs will provide tuition waiver and a monthly stipend. For example, Purdue, FSU, Ohio Univ., Wake Forest, Washington State Univ., and Wayne State Univ. Unfortunately, Purdue (it requires a Speaking score of over 27) and Wake Forest (in Fact, Wake Forest fits your interests very well) have closed their application. I applied for FSU (Florida State Univ.), MA. I think the research interests of Prof. Jinghui Hou and Prof. Russell Clayton also match yours. Application for its MA program is still open (I am not sure, though. I know application for its Ph.D program is closed on 1st Dec.). Another choice is Washington State Univ. It is very friendly towards Chinese applicants and it offers full funding for admitted students. I checked its website just now. Its says that the priority deadline is Dec. 31 but they will consider your application until 10 Jan. Comm. Program at Washington State Univ. is home to lots of Chinese Students. For example, xzm110 (http://bbs.gter.net/thread-1359474-1-1.html)on JITUO Forum graduate there and then got admitted to USC Annenberg. He got his first MA at Tianjin Normal University and then got his second MA at Washington State, which gave him full funding. Simmoon (http://bbs.gter.net/forum.phpmod=viewthread&tid=924198&extra=page%3D1%26filter%3Ddigest%26digest%3D1%26orderby%3Drecommends%26typeid%3D564%26digest%3D1%26typeid%3D564%26orderby%3Drecommends), who is also on JITUO Forum,also obtained his MA at Washington State and he later got admitted to Stanford (His background is very impressive. He had SIX conference papers before his Ph.D.). So I highly recommend you to check it out (both its MA and Ph.D). I've applied for FSU, so I am not considering applying for another MA program. Also, I recommend you to have a look at Prof. Stephanie Tong (http://comm.wayne.edu/profile/fe2816) at Wayne State University. Her publication list is very impressive and I also think her research area has some connection with yours. Most importantly, she is recruiting RA so you might get the funding at Wayne State Univ. Lastly, do have a look at UC Davis (it requires 26 in Speaking, though).
  5. 2018 Applications Thread

    Hi, @Phoebe Zhao, happy that you find the message useful. As for OSU, it is not "risk"; they will definitely, 100% reject us. They need a score of over 28 to show that your English is good enough to be a TA. If you do not meet the requirement, they will not give you any funding, even if you are admitted. I will take another TOEFL next month, hopefully I can reach 28 this time. In fact, I really think OSU should not set the bar so high; even UPenn and Stanford did not require such a high score in the Speaking Section. As for Chinese applicants, it is not that Chinese cannot score that high in speaking; it is just that Chinese who got 28 in Speaking will ignore OSU and apply for much better programs like UPenn and Stanford. After all, 28 in Speaking means an overall score of at least 115. BTW, UC Davis require a speaking score of over 26. As for other schools, please do check their specific requirements. I do not know your background, but I am certain that it is very difficult (possible, though) for international applicants who obtained their MA outside of US to be admitted to Cornell, Stanford, and OSU. No matter how strong your background is, it is always safer to have some backup options. I mainly applied for doctoral programs, but I did apply for one MA program in case that I got rejected by all Ph.D. programs or that the programs that accept me are not ideal. Hope you find some other programs that fit you. Best wishes.
  6. 2018 Applications Thread

    Welcome to the forum. @Phoebe Zhao.Most programs have closed their application. Based on your interests, I think you can check out the following programs whose deadlines are set on January or February: Michigan State (Feb. 1), UC Davis (Jan. 5), Univ. of Florida (Jan. 15, it requires two sets of transcripts to be delivered there before the deadline), UGA (Grady College, Jan. 1), UCSB (Jan. 1) Maryland (Jan. 7), Washington State Univ. (Dec. 31), Penn State (Comm. Arts & Sciences, 10 Jan.), Rutgers (Jan. 5), Arizona State Univ. (Jan. 5), Alabama (Feb. 1), Univ. of Kentucky (Jan. 5), Univ. of Arizona (Jan. 5, pay attention to Prof. Chris Segrin), Ohio Univ. (Jan. 15), Univ. of Iowa (Jan. 1). You have to read the professors' profiles by yourself to decide whether they are well suited for your interests. I am not sure whether you can complete your application before the deadlines of UGA, UCSB, Washington State. Iowa, since they are so close. BTW, Iowa is very famous for its programs of Social Psychology (ranked among TPO three in the country). When you get into the Comm. Program, you can take advantage of courses of Social Psychology.If you think it fits you very well, do contact the personnel and ask whether they can permit extension. I also applied for Ohio State University, but it requires international applicants to have a TOEFL Speaking score of over 28 (I only got 26). I also applied to Wisconsin-Madison, but it has tightened their budget. So even if it admits us, chances are it will not provide enough funding. Hope you find the message helpful.
  7. 2018 Applications Thread

    @bezzza08 My God, you are such a walking encyclopedia! So amazing that you know everything about a school you never attended. My interest is in the intersection of interpersonal communication and CMC, or more broadly, communication technology and society. I applied for UMich, USC Annenberg, IUB, Cornell, Penn State, FSU (MA), UC Santa Barbara, OSU, UConn, Syracuse and Wisconsin-Madison. But if I were given the choice to make the list again, I possibly would not apply for the last four schools: both OSU and UConn require ridiculously high TOEFL Speaking scores (28 and 27, respectively, but I only got 26. I will have to take it again next month which costs $200 and am not sure I can satisfy their needs this time); Wisconsin-Madison seems not able to provide enough funding; highly likely that Syracuse only funds you for three years for your PhD. I might add UC Davis into the list. Have to make the decision in the next few days.
  8. 2018 Applications Thread

    Thanks for the clarification @bezzza08! you just need to input "@" and then type the name of the person you want to reply to. The name then will pop out and you click it. Done. I checked the websites of the three school just now. Yeah, you are right. Kentucky and Iowa did not have faculty members who exactly work on the intersection of interpersonal and health communication. I looked at South Florida before. The school primarily focuses on qualitative research and Prof. Marleah D. Kruzel seems to be working in your area. I am looking forward to hearing good news from you!
  9. 2018 Applications Thread

    My God @mintless! How did you manage to apply to so many programs!! Considering that we have to tailor our SOPs for each school, you must have done so much work. Next you will be preparing for so many interviews. Also you might have to make tough decisions three months later. Hope you can get into your favorite one.
  10. 2018 Applications Thread

    Hi, @bezzza08, Thanks for sharing. The programs you chose are well-suited for your interests. Best luck! Why didn't you apply for Penn State (Dept. of Communication Arts & Sciences) for your PhD? Some professors are working in the area of interpersonal and health communication, for example, Prof. James P. Dillard, Erina MacGeorge, Lilian Shen, and Rachel A. Smith. Also, you might check out the Iowa, Kentucky and Maryland College-Park, I think.
  11. 2018 Applications Thread

    Hi, GET, big congratulations! SO nice to hear that! Never expected UConn would send offers so early. You are very well prepared for this year's application and you deserve this offer. I think more offers (hopefully six) are about to arrive in your mailbox. Good luck with your job seeking too.