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  1. I see where you are coming from. I totally acknowledge that Duke is a decent school. It can be compared to some of top Canadian schools like U of Toronto, which also regularly ranks within top 20 in most fields. That being said, I don't really like to distinguish schools by rankings but considering European and Asian schools, both Duke and UofT don't really place within top 20 in the world anymore in a lot of fields. They do in any respectable American sources that ranks based on English publications and citations made in English journals. Then, there are Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and several others. There are some traditional American schools that just won't be defeated by anyone's, any rankings, and any places. Ask any professor in Government field. They will tell you Princeton is a better school. Also, the post was made by someone who is applying to government studies, which is a field quite clearly Princeton does a better job at placing their graduates.
  2. I doubt that it makes much difference. You should apply!
  3. Wow I am sorry to hear this. How can you have 4.0 GPA and get no acceptances? Are you coming from a countryside university that gives away Bachelor's degree to anyone? .... The schools that you applied to are all no names and you will know what I mean when you look at each school's phD placements. If I were you, I would just stay home, prepare for the next admission sessions and apply to best schools because I think you have good qualifications to get admitted at top schools.
  4. Retake GRE and you will be fine at any school. With your GRE score, grad schools will filter your application without even reading your application. Otherwise, I think you can even aim higher than top 20-50. Try aiming for top 10-20 since you are competent with math, you should be fine at top institutions also.
  5. Both are excellent schools but I think they are not comparable. Princeton is tier 1 school in general and Duke is tier 2. Personally I would choose Princeton over Duke in no time, but then, really depends on which field you want to study. At the phD level, the prof that you will be working with is more important than the school you are "branded" with. Masters degree is a different story though.
  6. When graduate school doesn't fund you, it's indrect way of telling you "oh come if you want to work and make data like a slave". Really, don't go to an unfunded school especially if it is UofT. They are both Canadian schools and won't affect you much for your phd application.
  7. I am a Canadian Undergrad that received offers from Paris School of Economics M2 program, London School of Economics MSc Econ program, and University of Toronto Msc Econ program. I kind of regret not applying to Harvard or MIT because I received offers from every school I applied. I will probably pursue PhD at one of Harvard, MIT, Chicago, and UC Berkeley. At the end of the day, I want to land a position of Economics Professor at any of top 10 institutions. I specialize in Microeconomic theory and in particular the mathematics and game theory. I am really flexible in terms of research area since I have undergrad degree in math and by this, I mean learning a new topic in economics isn't a big concern for me. Offers: PSE - second year masters, almost free tuition (basically skipping a year of comprehensives. I super hate tests) LSE- admissions UofT- admissions on full financial support $18000 UBC- admissions on moderate support $14000 I am leaning towards PSE or UofT. PSE is highly ranked. UofT prof there seems to really want me there. Which school would you choose if these schools offered admissions to you?
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