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  1. One of my schools said they would notify all applicants by March 15... well it's the Ides of March now but I want to be hopeful!
  2. I ended up emailing my POI after he responded to my "thank you for the interview" email. I didn't ask him about a decision, but I just asked if he had any more questions or if he was still interested in a post-interview discussion (his previous email alluded to this). It was probably a bad idea, but he responded and said something like "thanks for reaching out, I'll get back to you with any follow up questions," and that was it. If he knew that he was going to 100% reject me, he would've let me know in that email, right? But if he was sure about accepting me he would've also said so in the email.... right? Can someone help me decipher this exchange? It doesn't really matter, the school school will notify all their applicants by the 15th, so I plan on waiting it out, but if I would love to hear anyone's insight.
  3. So... what time will the hypothetical email/phone call come? I have tons of undergrad professors who exclusively send me emails in the middle of the night, and I'm wondering if an informal email from a POI might also come at a very late time. Or do some professors send emails bright and early? Or If they do make a phone call, will they do it in the late morning, lunchtime, early evening? Ugh I just want more information.
  4. My friend gave me a chocolate bar (like one of those fancy dark chocolate bars) because she knows how stressed I've been waiting and to reassure me that I'll get into a good school. I really want to eat the chocolate bar, but I kind of want to save until I get at least one acceptance, a single acceptance letter. But then I'm worried that I'll never get to eat the chocolate bar...
  5. I applied to clinical psych PhD programs and this was my structure: How I got interested in psychology (tried to make it brief but substantive and non-fluffy) Research experience (in chronological order, about 3 paragraphs, main emphasis on my thesis) Clinical experience (not really applicable to you) Special skills (e.g. SPSS) Grad school goals + what I want to do after grad school Fit with professor(s) Fit with school Depending on the word limit for a particular school, I would cut certain sections; first the special skills section, then trim the research/clinical sections, and if it wasn't short enough by then, sometimes I cut the whole intro paragraph to a single sentence. Those 500-word-maximum statements were so hard, barely had enough room to discuss fit with professors.
  6. To those who've received acceptances and waitlists from the University of Missouri at Kansas City (UMKC), congratulations and/or best of luck! Could you DM me you POIs? Thanks!
  7. To anyone who got accepted to the University of Pittsburgh, could you DM me your POI? Thanks and congrats!
  8. But what about for clinical psych? I've seen that one Cognitive poster, but nothing else except for a new non-interview rejections.
  9. Has anyone head anything post-interview from the University of Pittsburgh?
  10. To the person who got accepted to the University of Pittsburgh's Cognitive Psych program, did you interview in-person or over Skype? Did it seem like other POIs/programs had also decided on their acceptances? Also congratulations!
  11. Question time: last Monday (so 9 days ago), my POI said in an email that he would contact me "next week." This is post-interview weekend so we've already gone through all the interview procedures and it's about time for that program to start sending out acceptances (although no one has posted acceptances on the results page for this cycle yet). Is it too early to email him back and initiate contact? If he doesn't email me by the upcoming Monday, would it be okay to reach out then? Someone just tell me to be patient!!
  12. Congratulations to whoever got accepted to Mississippi State! Can you DM me your POI? Thanks!
  13. Dear POI, you said you would contact me "next week." Next week is now upon us. Plz respond. Sincerely, corbeau
  14. Could whoever got waitlisted at Fordham for the clinical program DM me your POI? Thank you!
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