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  1. 5 hours ago, footballman2399 said:

    Well, you have really good standardized test scores and a pretty good score on the GRE subject math. You also are Hispanic, which should weigh into your favor as there are not many LatinX people in statistics. You clearly have a strong desire to be in the Chicago area (I'm going to venture a strong guess you went to UIC). NW and Chicago are tough, but I think you have a slight chance. I'd be very surprised if you didn't get into UIC. Why not apply to some schools like UIUC, Purdue, Wisconsin, and Iowa State for their PhD program?

    Thanks for the reply! I'd love to go to all of those schools for a PHD, but it's not worth being away from my family for five years. Do you think I have a chance of getting into UChicago for a masters?

  2. Hello, I was wondering if someone could give me some odds.

    Undergrad Institution: Decently large state school, but not much research is done. The school tends to be ranked around 75-100 in the U.S News National School Rankings.

    Major(s): Math and Stats (not a duel major; one major the combines the two). Co major in analytics.

    GPA: 3.6 (major: 3.75)

    Type of Student: Domestic Hispanic Male

    GRE General Test:

    Q: 170 (97%)

    V: 165 (95%)

    W: 5.0 (93%)

    GRE Subject Test in Mathematics:

    780 (76th percentile)

    Research Experience: Two different projects. One in statistics and one in economics. Both involved doing regressions.

    Courses: Math: Calc 2 (A), Calc 3 (A-) Linear Algebra (A), Proofs (A), Diff Eqs (A-), Abs. Algebra (B+), Real Analysis (A), Optimization (A), Probability (A), Regressions (A-), Inferential Statistics (A-), Statistical Programming (B).  Taking this year:  Statistical Learning,  Data Visualization, Bayesian Statistics.

    I've also taken plenty of programming courses and am proficient in Java, SAS, and R.


    Letters of Recommendation: 2 from Research Advisors, one from a statistics professor. 

    Programs Applying: 








    Iowa State


    Wisconsin Madison



    I'm mostly worried about my letters of recommendation. The professors are not very well known. I'm also concerned about my schools low ranking and the fact that I haven't/won't take any grad courses.


    If you could give feedback, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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