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    Farmcat1 reacted to Louly in University of Utah   
    Congrats on the acceptance. I'm currently a student there. 
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    Farmcat1 reacted to Luna529 in University of Utah   
    Can you share a little bit about your experience so far? I’ll take any information! Social scene. Professors. Research. Classes. Anything! 
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    Farmcat1 got a reaction from savrich85 in 2018 Results Megathread (Acceptances , Waitlists, Rejections)   
    I was accepted to NAU as well! 
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    Farmcat1 reacted to AlwaysaFalcon in Questions for a current grad student!   
    What I had to do was apply with FAFSA for loans and then my living cost I covered with a loan from Sallie Mae. I'm hoping after this semester when I put in my residency application I can apply as an instate resident and then my tuition will be cheaper and I won't need to apply for another loan for Sallie Mae for next year. I work 15hours a week on campus to cover my groceries, and utilities for my apartment. Most of my classmates work and right now with my school work its pretty manageable. Once I am in practicum I won't be able to but for now it works. For me I have the mind set that I'm doing what I can to make it work. It's definitely overwhelming to take out more loans, other than that you could try and apply as a graduate assistantship. My friend does that and she has 9 credit hours covered plus a $400 stipend a month. 
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    Farmcat1 reacted to BeachySpeechy in Northern Arizona Response   
    I attend NAU. I like it so far. There are so many factors to consider and everyone’s priorities are different. I feel like sometimes there is a breakdown in communication but nothing too serious. They actually sent out written acceptance letters when I applied and rejections were via email and letter. I needed to find a program that would allow me to work as a SLPA while attending grad school so their Summers Track program was my top choice 
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    Farmcat1 reacted to Aspire_to_Be in 2018 Results Megathread (Acceptances , Waitlists, Rejections)   
    What in the world. Those aren’t good stats? So what would be considered “good stats”?
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    Farmcat1 reacted to hceeps in 2018 Results Megathread (Acceptances , Waitlists, Rejections)   
    Not gonna lie... I'm surprised you got into all of those programs with those stats (good but not outstanding). Gives the rest of us hope.
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    Farmcat1 got a reaction from abnormalcluster in Masters Applicants for Fall 2018!! Anybody out there?   
    Thanks for the advice.
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    Farmcat1 got a reaction from abnormalcluster in Masters Applicants for Fall 2018!! Anybody out there?   
    Oh gotcha. This thread is for Speech Pathology applicants. Congrats to you tho!
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    Farmcat1 reacted to SLP2018applicant in 2018 Speech Pathology Graduate Applicants   
    Congratulations on your acceptance- what an amazing accomplishment! Where did you check your portal? Was it just by logging into this website https://grad.apply.colorado.edu/account/login?r=https%3a%2f%2fgrad.apply.colorado.edu%2fapply%2fstatus ? Or did you have to create an email with Boulder? Thanks in advance! 
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    Farmcat1 reacted to Taco in Why am I not getting chosen   
    Hi! I'm so sorry. A ton of my buddies are in this spot now. Don't lose hope! I hear from graduate students all the time that they got into my school's program well after April 15. I'm a big thinker/planner/contingency type of person and if I didn't get in this year, here were some of my gap year plans:
    Apply to developing programs 
    Apply to more private colleges in rural areas
    Use edfind to find programs that align with what I have to offer GPA/GRE wise 
    become a SLPA
    Get a certificate in assistive technology, go work in the schools 
    Do research in the field
    Take the GRE again (154 verbal, 143 quant, 4.5) 
    Research more programs that don't take the GRE 
    Gain more experience with multicultural issues or populations 
    Going into this process, I tried to view my application the way an admissions board does: they usually score the applications for certain things - Multicultural experience, leadership experience, research experience, GPA, GRE, etc. I made sure to check off as many of those as possible. 
    I was nervous because my overall was 3.36 on CSDCAS, 3.67 CSD, and my GRE quant was low. I had leadership, excellent reccs, multicultural experience, and a solid statement. I ended up getting into two schools early and rejected from 4. I'm still waiting to hear back from a few, but I only needed one.
    I hope this helps. It can feel lonely this time of year when everyone is trying to be quiet/respectful/silently miserable. I'm rooting for you! 
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    Farmcat1 reacted to SLPFall2018 in How do I know if I can afford a program?   
    A graduate student can borrow up to the full cost of attendance (COA) each year in Direct PLUS Loans, and there is currently no lifetime borrowing limit. (That may change as of July 1st, 2019, if the PROSPER Act is pushed through Congress this year, but those of us starting our programs before that date will be borrowing under the current, more favorable terms.) COA includes tuition/fees, books and supplies, room and board, personal expenses, transportation expenses, and a health insurance allowance.
    More information is here:
    Whether someone is comfortable taking on this amount of Direct PLUS Loan debt is another question, and a deeply personal one.
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    Farmcat1 reacted to vinniemillay in How do I know if I can afford a program?   
    yeah, I can't seem to get to any award info without putting down a deposit, but how am I gonna know if I want to put down a deposit until I know if I can afford the school? this is driving me nuts -- I got into one school that told me I have to accept or decline within the next week, but I still don't know if they're offering me an 18,000 fellowship or jack, and I haven't heard back from the other schools yet. ....none of this was at all helpful to you, but the point is I feel your pain, and I am also perplexed by this dilemma lol. Third party, please assist us! 
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    Farmcat1 reacted to StPaulCCC in Losing patience   
    It's hard on this forum (and in the results section) because the people that were accepted are obviously going to be more vocal than those that were denied/waitlisted, so it makes it looks like you are alone. Don't worry, though, you are seriously not alone! I am tired of the anxious waiting and I have the same fear about returning to school and dealing with (ugh) pity. We're in this together!
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    Farmcat1 got a reaction from Lindsey406 in 2018 Speech Pathology Graduate Applicants   
    I got my acceptance to ISU tonight! I also got an acceptance to U of Utah last week and Rocky Mountain U two weeks ago. So exciting to have options!
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    Farmcat1 got a reaction from _kita in Stressing about my personal statement   
    Thanks so much for the response.  I free-wrote about 5 pages, and you're right- it's a verrrrry long story.  I'm going to take the "where I want to go from here" route.  Thank you for your help!
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