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  1. Commuting throughout graduate studies

    This is so encouraging! I really appreciate your input. Do those people who commute seem to be able to cope well with the workload? Good luck with your move!
  2. Commuting throughout graduate studies

    Thank you for the tips! Part of my worry was not being able to be part of the community. When I've gone to open houses, it seemed like the grad students worked together a lot and often studied together at night. I would love to do it all and not lose my mind. It is very encouraging to hear that there are people who are able to commute all throughout!
  3. Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone has had experience commuting throughout graduate studies. My top school is an hour away and a pretty easy drive, and although I have driven that far for work in the past, I just wonder if this is a realistic plan for graduate school. My top schools are full-time and on-campus for the first three semesters, and then I can opt to do my externship semesters closer to where I live. I would appreciate any insight/tips on doing this. I am buying a house this month and definitely could not afford to pay rent on top of that! Is anyone else going to have to commute throughout graduate studies? I can't be the only one...
  4. Dress Attire for open house

    I attended three open houses and all of them were pretty casual. I was a little over dressed for the first one (I went in slacks, a long sleeved shirt, and high heels) and after that I started dressing more casually. @amf18 's suggestion is good. Wear dark jeans, a sweater, and some decent shoes and you're good!
  5. Online post-bacc options for leveling

    Eastern New Mexico University also offers leveling courses. I completed all of my communicative disorders prerequisite courses there. It was cheaper compared to Longwood, and I learned a lot from the courses.
  6. I applied at the same time as everyone else - before the February 1 deadline. I actually got an email from them a week before the deadline to remind me to apply to their grad program as well, since I had only completed the CSDCAS application. I don't think they started looking at applications until after the February 1 deadline. I got an email last Friday, and so did a friend of mine who applied. They might be sending out emails as they make decisions because it appears that some people have been receiving emails this week, too. Hope this helps.
  7. I've noticed a few people posting results from Longwood University on the results page so I figured it would be cool to meet potential classmates. Who else has gotten in to Longwood? Are you waiting on any other schools? I'm still waiting on the letter in the mail with more information.
  8. I heard back from Longwood University on Friday last week (2/9). They sent me an email saying I was accepted and that I would receive further information in the mail. I'm still waiting on UVA, JMU, and ENMU. I think those schools have taken longer in the past too. Fingers crossed!
  9. Congratulations! I hope you get the funding - every little bit helps!
  10. How did you manage to get 20 hours? Most schools I have visited have said GAs only get 10 hours. Was yours the same and you just requested for double the work?
  11. How did you manage to get 20 hours? Most schools I have visited have said GAs only get 10 hours. Was yours the same and you just requested for double the work?
  12. What's your day job?

    I was a reading coach, and now I work part time as an assistant at a child development center while finishing up my courses. It doesn't pay a lot but it's fun, easy work and allows enough time for school work.
  13. Easier said than done! Hahaha I am in the same boat as amyjw and all I feel is panic 24/7! It doesn't help that I've only applied to three schools. March cannot come soon enough!
  14. I called CSDCAS the other day to ask exactly this question. Their customer service is excellent, by the way. The lady told me that once you submit your application, it can take up to 4 weeks to verify depending on how busy they are. That's why they recommend submitting your application at LEAST a month before the due date. If there are any issues with your applications, they let you know immediately so that it can be resolved. Good luck!
  15. I can 100% relate to this. I took all of my prerequisites online and, while my professors agreed to give me letters of rec, it is definitely a concern that they do not really know my character! One professor actually declined because she said she didn't know me well enough and she said it could hurt my chances. It may help to have a letter of rec from a boss or someone else related to your professional experience. Good luck!