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  1. Good day, everyone! I'm Karla from the Philippines, and I just graduated from my university's Speech Comm. program in June. I recently got accepted into our university's MA English Studies Program as an Anglo-American Studies major. You see, I've only taken 5 upper-level English courses, an introductory course in Comparative Literature, and a Critical Theory course (from Antiquity to the British Romantics) in Comparative Literature. As I haven't had formal training in literary theory because of a limited number of electives under my BA program, I've mostly been an autodidact when it comes to literary theory. I'll be entering the MA program come January 2018. And I feel as if--since I'm not an English major (despite the fact that I do read voraciously)--my intended research topics for the program are limited. I know that I have an affinity for 20th century American literature, Romantic poetry, Modern British Literature, comics, and the suburbs, I've only seemed to have half-developed topics I might want to do research on, which can be multidisciplinary. Here are some of my specific interests: religion and cults in American culture American suburbia depictions of mental illness for the female performing gender and queerness pop culture advertising My question is this: how can I further develop future research interests? I have this idea of tracing confession in poetry and American music, connecting advertising with the American Romantics, and analyzing reality shows and classic Hollywood in connection with American literary history. Additionally, would you be able to recommend journals which specialize in these areas? Would I be able to have access to them? Thank you so much, and I would appreciate illuminating insights from you.