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  1. PsyDGrad90

    Interview Advice

    Wear whatever weather-proof shoes you have and bring your nice dress shoes. Swap out once you get into the building.
  2. PsyDGrad90

    New York, NY

    Outer boroughs (Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Staten Island) are usually cheaper, but there are some neighborhoods in Manhattan (Inwood, Washington Heights, etc) that are also reasonable (well, reasonable by NYC standards). At your interviews, maybe you can ask about student housing options. Do they have a way that grad students can connect as potential roommates or anything, even across departments? It's also not uncommon for like 4 people to share a 2 bedroom apartment, etc. Good luck!
  3. PsyDGrad90

    Are there PT jobs in academia that I can look into?

    You can adjunct with a master's. Even adjunct jobs are sometimes competitive, especially if you don't have any experience. You gotta just keep trying. Also, you can try to apply for jobs at university tutoring centers. That may at least get your foot in the door in terms of academic experience.
  4. PsyDGrad90

    Keep A Word Drop A Word

    Club sandwich
  5. PsyDGrad90

    Exploding Offer!

    Is it possible to ask for an extension? I would phrase it something like, "I am thrilled by your offer and excited about your program. However, I also have an interview for another program in March, and I would like to make the most informed choice I can. Is it possible to extend the deadline?"
  6. PsyDGrad90

    reuse of a tailored LOR

    Get another letter. A. It kind of sounds like the program's name is in the letter you have. B. If the school contacts your letter writer and they are not aware you used the letter for something else, they may not be too happy about it. I would just email the letter writer stating you need another letter. It will most likely take them about 2 minutes of their time to adjust anything minor and send a new version.
  7. PsyDGrad90

    Interview Attire?

    As long as it is a professional dress. I would also still wear a blazer. Something like this is a good option.
  8. PsyDGrad90

    Interview Attire?

    Gray, black, and navy are all classic conservative suit colors, so you should be fine with a dark gray suit.
  9. PsyDGrad90

    Interview Attire?

    If you are applying to clinical psych, I would swap the purple blazer for black. The pop of color would come from the blouse. Clinical psych programs are typically far more conservative. If it's a different sub-speciality you may be able to get away with it.
  10. PsyDGrad90

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    I would give them a call just to confirm. I would say call because you'll probably get an answer quicker than emailing. Just state that you confirmed on x date and heard no response so you just wanted to confirm before you book the flight.
  11. PsyDGrad90

    Who else to contact about my application status?

    I know it's stressful, but just try to wait. You know they have your applications. They are being flooded by people asking the same thing. If anything, go to the results page and see when these programs have sent out invites historically, so you can get a sense of when to expect to hear something. Emailing the programs and POIs runs the risk of you aggravating them, which wouldn't work in your favor.
  12. PsyDGrad90

    Reach out to professors_2019 Fall PhD application

    I would advise against reaching out now that applications are in. It can be interpreted as a desperate attempt to try and snag an interview.
  13. I would have to disagree with some of your points. I agree that student evals can be problematic, but grades is only one part of it. Negative evals can signify that the students feel the information wasn't related as effectively as they think it should be. I taught for the 1st time last semester (because I have a master's, my program let's us be the professor of record rather than TA). I definitely did not give easy A's. Actually, very few students got A's and my evals were very positive. This is similar to the experience of several of my program-mates, and this is a diverse state school. If you really want to improve your evaluations, you need to examine where your weak points are. Usually evals have multiple questions covering specific topic areas and you want to focus on those that have the lowest ratings. Also, you can create your own eval. I like to give my own short (like 3 questions) evaluation in the middle of the semester that asks what they like about the class, what they don't like, and anything they'd like to see more of. I think your view of "students only like you if you give them an A" is simplistic and, as you stated, cynical. There will always be a few students who don't want to be there, but there are plenty of other students who do want to be there and want to learn. Aside from certain circumstances, most students are there of their own volition and made the choice to go to school and to pick this major/class/etc. I try to appeal to their sense of why they are there and how the subject I'm teaching is relevant to their interests. Of course, everyone's experiences with teaching/TAing can vary, and that is especially dependent on the college/department culture as well. But making a blanket statement of "the only way to get good evals is to give easy A's" can be a dangerous viewpoint for people to take away from a public forum.
  14. PsyDGrad90

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psychology Applicants (PhD, PsyD)

    It shouldn't reflect poorly. Staying may give you more information as an applicant and allow you to get valuable information about the program from a student perspective (there will probably be opportunities during the interview day, so this is additional).
  15. PsyDGrad90

    I is stressed *Non-Judgmental Space for PhD Applicants*

    Not every POI/program will do informal interviews. Often times, they are done when the POI needs to narrow the applicants down and is having a hard time. Let's say they can only extend formal interview invites to 3 people and they have 4 or 5 pretty evenly matched applicants, they may do an informal skype/phone interview to make that decision. If you know the POI has done informal interviews and you didn't get one, it's (unfortunately) likely you won't get a formal invite. Technically you're always in the game until you get the official rejection, but some schools don't send those out until March-May. Good luck! This process is stressful and pretty crappy. Just try to remember: rejections are not representative of your worth. There are so many amazing applicants for too few spots, and it often takes multiple cycles before people get acceptances.
  16. PsyDGrad90

    Question about responding to admission offer

    Either a. It could have been an automated message that was generated or b. They probably want you to give them an answer so they can either move down the list or not. Don't feel pressure though to give them a response one way or the other.
  17. PsyDGrad90

    Question about responding to admission offer

    I don't believe you have to do anything before April 15th. They won't want your official transcripts unless you accept the offer. I would hold off until you know you want to go to that program.
  18. PsyDGrad90

    Boston & Cambridge, MA

    Boston is a huge college town. You have Boston University, Boston College, Harvard, Tufts, Emerson College, MIT, Suffolk, UMASS-Boston, and probably others that I'm missing. Statistically speaking, you're probably pretty good.
  19. PsyDGrad90

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    You need to be honest. POIs are usually not interested in working with clones of themselves. I'm assuming your interests align with both of them, so just be open about what it is you hope to study and why you think each POI could serve as a good mentor for you. Reflect back on what you wrote in your SOP. I imagine you addressed this idea somehow in there about why you selected each POI. Also, connect your interests to their current projects. Is one doing work with the exact population you want to work with? Are they using a methodology you'd really like to learn? Etc. You made it to the interview round, so they liked what they saw on paper. Reflect on your application materials and build on them.
  20. Schools sometimes have alternate dates. I would suggest informing the 2nd program that you already have a conflict that weekend and would love to interview, but you already have a prior commitment and if the interview can be on a different date.
  21. I guess the biggest thing in my mind would be is would you be able to save an amount of money equal to the merit scholarship. If you are planning to go back to school regardless, a year of work experience in an unrelated field isn't necessarily going to make you stand out significantly, especially since you have work experience (part time work is still work experience).
  22. PsyDGrad90

    Attend Masters or PhD in Microbiology?

    As long as the faculty are respected within the field and you like the research opportunities, it shouldn't really matter. I am from a different field, so I can't speak to microbiology specifically, but rankings aren't as much of a thing at this level as they are for undergrad.
  23. I would suggest you see if there is anyone more recent you can get a letter from, such as a boss. Maybe you can reach out to the graduate program director and ask what they prefer if the website specifically says you need a former professor. Because, chances are, if you haven't spoken to them in over a decade either they will not be comfortable writing you a letter or it will be a very generic and not so great letter.
  24. I would imagine it is because they are considering offering you a spot, but would like to interview you in person before making the final decision. I doubt the DGS would take the time to meet with someone just to tell them they are rejected or waitlisted.
  25. PsyDGrad90

    How to request email over skype rather than in-person

    I would just be honest and reply to the interview invite by saying something like "Thank you so much for the interview opportunity. Due to financial constraints, it is difficult for me to travel to the campus. Would it be possible to schedule a Skype call in lieu of the in-person interview?" Some schools even have funds that they offer students to offset travel.

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