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  1. PsyDGrad90

    How do PhD students usually spend their summers?

    Haha absolutely not. I am getting married this summer and going on a 10 day honeymoon. Professors (for the most part), understand. I guess there may be some who are against free time, but I think those are the extremes.
  2. PsyDGrad90

    How do PhD students usually spend their summers?

    I'm in my 1st summer of a clinical program. I think it may depend on your research lab. My advisor is having us work remotely on individual summer goals we've discussed with her. We will mostly have check ins via email but may have an occasional in person lab meeting if necessary and we have some in person data collection dates. A few people I know got summer jobs to be able to make some extra cash. TLDR: it seems to be less intense than the normal semesters but you may still have a few responsibilities.
  3. PsyDGrad90

    Accepted PhD Position But Now Want to Decline

    While there can be questions about rankings, i think R1/R2/R3/not ranked is a pretty important distinction. If your goal is TT faculty, I think you will probably have an even harder time in the job market if you are not in an R1 program. Even if you only want to teach at a SLAC or R3 or something, those jobs still tend to go to the people graduating from R1s. Is this school you accepted an offer from an R1 or something else?
  4. As long as they are for the same type of program (i.e. all clinical or all social, etc.) then there shouldn't be that much editing for your letter writers.
  5. Can you retake them at a community college?
  6. PsyDGrad90

    New to Adulthood? Welcome, you have come to the right place!

    I agree with everything the above posters said. I just want to add: 1. Always try to see the physical unit you are renting. If they refuse, I would be hesitant as to why they can only show me a model and not the actual, available unit. 2. Living on campus may be a good idea if you don't know anything about the city. It gives you a year to figure out where the good neighborhoods are, where to avoid, etc. It may also allow you time to meet potential roommates in your program. 3. Reach out to your program director and ask if anyone is looking for a roommate. This is relatively common, and they should be able to connect you with someone who may have a room available.
  7. PsyDGrad90

    Overwhelmed by the transition to Doc Student

    That stinks, I'm sorry that your leasing agent messed up so bad. However, it may be a good thing. College towns usually have really good public transportation. A few people I know in various schools had their cars in grad school and still almost never used them because the bus was way easier than parking in the downtown area or by school. Hopefully, if you find that you do want your car, you can snag a parking pass after a year.
  8. PsyDGrad90

    Overwhelmed by the transition to Doc Student

    Aren't you going to Cornell? I've been to Ithaca, and I would never imagine there would be parking trouble there. That's almost bizarre. Is there street parking in the area? You could hopefully find street parking and then buy a parking pass later.
  9. PsyDGrad90

    Overwhelmed by the transition to Doc Student

    Reach out to your program director about housing. Ours recently asked us about current students looking for roommates because an incoming student asked. Other than that, just try to practice self-care. Being overwhelmed is going to be a pretty common feeling for the next few years, so just try to get in the habit of making time for yourself so that you do not burnout. Catch up on TV shows you love, take a bubble bath, see a movie with some friends, go to a yoga class, etc. These activities are just as important as anything else you have to do.
  10. Would these 6 or more college courses in your subject area be in addition to the ones you have taken as part of your degree completion? I find it hard to believe that you have not completed 6 college courses in philosophy across your BA and MA and en route to your PhD.
  11. PsyDGrad90

    Applied Clinical Psychology at Penn State MA

    Yeah, that sounds good. Penn State is an R1 state school with a great reputation. Their clinical psych PhD program has a great reputation.
  12. PsyDGrad90

    Applied Clinical Psychology at Penn State MA

    I don't know anything about this specific program, but the rule of thumb for MA/MS psych programs is research emphasis. If you are looking to apply to PhDs afterwards, you want to make sure you have solid research opportunities in the masters program where you have a high likelihood of getting posters/pubs by the time you apply for PhD programs. Programs care more about that than the fact you are doing a formal masters degree.
  13. PsyDGrad90

    Should I retake the Psyc GRE?

    If you think you can improve your score and study more for the test, and you can financially afford it, I would retake it. Rarely does retaking a standardized test and improving negatively impact your application packet.
  14. PsyDGrad90

    New Brunswick, NJ

    I think your best bet is to reach out to your program. Sometimes current students may be looking for a roommate in their place, etc. No, I'm not, but I've lived in the area for the majority of my life.
  15. PsyDGrad90

    New Brunswick, NJ

    NJ is pretty pricey. In the New Brunswick area, a studio or 1 bedroom by yourself will probably run a minimum of $1200 a month plus utilities. Your best bet is to probably try to connect with others in your program to try and find a roommate. Can you ask your advisor if they have some sort of student group? What areas to look at also really depends on if you have a car. The Rutgers bus system is ok from what I hear. The regular public transport in the area is atrocious. You can look at New Brunswick proper, but chances are everything is either crazy expensive, a bunch of undergrad party houses, or potentially unsafe neighborhoods. Highland Park is an option a lot of grad students choose. North Brunswick, Somerset, Franklin Township, and Edison are also potential options. Again, this all depends on whether or not you will have a car. Edison also has a large Indian population, so there are tons of Indian restaurants and grocery stores.
  16. I did a joint BA/MA and graduated in spring 2015, but the last year was just my thesis (ran into a few hiccups) so the last time I had a class was 2014. I then worked full-time in a non-academic setting until the July before starting my program. I was definitely out of school for awhile, but I've been settling in pretty well. People come from different backgrounds, and at least in my program, the coursework has been challenging but the faculty try to make sure that no one is falling behind. The great thing about small cohorts is small classes where it is feasible for the faculty to try and tailor things a bit more closely to student needs.
  17. As a clinical student finishing my 1st year, just take this time to relax. Read anything your PI gives you, but otherwise do all the things you won't have time to do in a few months. Enjoy the summer. You will be spending a minimum of 4-6 years eating, sleeping, and breathing psych and stats. You don't need to do it now.
  18. There are many reasons why an otherwise qualified applicant gets rejected, even after the interview stage. I know my program interviews about 50 people got 10 spots. Even if they like everyone, it's impossible to accept everyone. There may have been someone with just a little bit better fit than you or something. I think it depends on the program, but some might see it as a sign of your tenacity and strong interest in the program.
  19. PsyDGrad90

    New York, NY

    Actually, you can get lucky in the Washington heights/Inwood area. Morningside heights, where the main Columbia campus is situated is rough. I would also check out parts of the Bronx and Queens. Most of Brooklyn has actually gotten more expensive than parts of Manhattan.
  20. PsyDGrad90

    Scholarship offer on April 15th (decision deadline) !!!!

    My guess is that they have x amount of scholarships and someone who was offered that one declined, so you were next on the list. That is great news though for if you do decide on that program.
  21. Can you ask your PI to show you how they do it?
  22. I don't think you necessarily have to get straight A's, but I wouldn't just start neglecting all the class responsibilities. Technically, I assume your offer is contingent on your performance and graduating GPA being appropriate. So like, if you get some B's is one thing, but if your last semester is all D's and F's, that may be an issue.
  23. PsyDGrad90

    Living by yourself vs. with Roommates

    I had 1 apartment with roommates and that turned me off to them forever. That being said, most roommate horror stories I've heard of were undergraduate situations. Take this as you will, but everyone I've known who was a grad student and roomed with another grad student got along fine. Some issues, but that will always happen when you live with other people (family or significant others included). Typically, 2 doctoral students will be more mature than the average undergrad roommate.
  24. Given how varied licensure laws are from state to state for mental health counseling (less so for MSW), I would prioritize the state I'd most likely live and work in, as well as cost of the program. LMHC and LCSWs aren't known for making a ton of money, especially at the start, and student loan interest accumulates quickly.
  25. It means they reached a decision on your application and the decision letter can be found on the student application portal. Click on the link provided, log in, and follow the directions given to access your letter. Based on the wording, I would assume the decision is that you got in, but you have to log in to be sure.

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