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Status Updates posted by bgk

  1. Registration Now Fixed.  New Members come on in!

  2. Apologies !  It's back!

    1. DBear


      Thank you thank you my hands were twitching!

  3. Who's going to be first to use the new Q&A Forum

  4. Hey Guys!  I've done a bit of work on the server this afternoon.  Maybe the forums are a bit quicker?

    1. biotechie


      The pages do load much more quickly, now! Woo hoo! Thank you!

    2. bgk


      Thanks biotechie.  Good to know!

    3. fuzzylogician


      Yep, it's definitely much faster! 

  5. Fixed search, added results search "tab" back to top of page. sorry!

  6. Hope's everything is working?!

  7. The site should hopefully be stable now...

    1. cokohlik


      Yay! :) My husband was making fun of me all weekend because I was refreshing the site a few times a day. :P

    2. newms


      Nice. Thanks for the hard work bgk!

  8. The SPAM was out of control. I'll try to keep my eye on it today and see if there is some exploit they are using. Thanks all for the reports!

  9. Still tweaking things ...

  10. Back after a bit of unexpected downtime!

    1. MoJingly
    2. Zouzax


      well its about time!

  11. Search should be back.

  12. So now I have a -12 reputation? Great. Thanks guys.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. beanbagchairs


      Come on peeps, let's make bgk's reputation point > 0!

    3. MoJingly


      I'm voting you back up!

    4. Zouzax


      brought you to +1!

  13. Why are you all voting my "forum stats" posts down?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Zouzax


      i think people couldnt help themselves. i saw the -16 red and i thought .. well hell, if everyone else is doing it ... but i restrained myself :)

    3. fuzzylogician


      It's an excellent example for how people get carried away with ratings when they see a post that's already being up-voted or down-voted. The contents don't matter anymore.. :P

    4. Zouzax


      what a great thesis topic! :P

  14. Mod Birthday day!?

    1. newms


      Sure looks like it!

  15. OK - spam flag feature done. Enjoy!

  16. Server was unexpectedly down this morning. Sorry about that.

  17. Setup blogging rights for new users. See post in announcements!

  18. Posted new stats.

  19. Just fixed the twitter and facebook integration

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. bgk


      :-) Good!

    3. Jae B.

      Jae B.

      I like it, too!

    4. pea-jay


      It doesnt work on my jailbroken phone. Will have to wait until I upgrade to iPhone OS 4.0

  20. Just updated the forum software -

  21. Sorry - unexpected hardware issue. Fixed now :)

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