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  1. I got in off of the waitlist for full time 2 year. Looking forwArd to seeing y’all in the fall 😝 I hope to never go on this damn website again
  2. you should go to Washington for sure! getting to move is a privilege and you should take advantage of a new adventure!
  3. I think if you want to work in Seattle there is no better place to go than UW, especially since the program is nationally well respected
  4. Maybe they are on holiday lol
  5. @Breanna12595 regarding my email? No 😞 and I’m too afraid to call to follow up in case they think I’m bugging them lol. You?
  6. ugh i hate double posting but does anyone know when North Carolina stopped providing a tuition stipend for child welfare title iv-e participants? or if there is some kind of alternative program i am missing?
  7. @Breanna12595 humm hopefully they were super busy last week and next week will be better 😐
  8. yooo quick ? if anyone knows the answer...i emailed ben on monday with a question and have not gotten a response yet, does it usually take him a while to respond?
  9. I’m sorry to hear that
  10. Does anyone know how long the waitlist is? I am too afraid to call and ask what place I am on the ranked list 🙁😦
  11. they said we should know by april 22. my stats: gpa 3.67. psychology major gpa 3.9. I spent a couple years as a full time volunteer working at a group home and DV shelter. since then i've worked as a pre-school teacher and nanny. i probably could have written a better essay. if i don't get in this time i'll try again or attend NC State (if i get in, lol)
  12. Another month of misery begins...I wonder how many are on the list 😬 either way it’s kind of nice to have some semblance of hope.
  13. @zmr1234 thank you for some perspective...it’s so easy to whip yourself up into a panic LOL. I wish you the best of luck on your app
  14. When they said the 15th I did not think they meant it lol. The hardest part is knowing that they probably did accept applicants this week...and are most likely saving rejections for the end ☹️
  15. Anyone hear anything today? I’ve lost all hope lol
  16. I know nothing 😩
  17. no news here. ;____;
  18. @Sgk19 I wish they would send them out all at once, like ripping off a bandaid. Lol. Not sure why they don’t
  19. I’m getting really worried. I am hoping I make the cut or at least make the waitlist.
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