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  1. I actually started the Neuro thread from last Spring, didn't end up applying for the 2020 cycle (needed more Neuro experience). Currently in a systems & circuits lab, but will be applying to umbrella biology / mcb / biochem programs / to labs that focus on neurobiology / neuroendocrinology.

  2. On 5/1/2020 at 3:38 PM, dopaboy said:

    Hello all, 

    I am a recent admit to a neuroscience PhD program at the University of Oregon. 

    I have made a google drive with resources for those applying or interested in graduate school. Part of this drive is a comprehensive list of successful applicant profiles. There are 10 profiles currently but I have many request for contributions so I will be updating it as people finish their profiles. I also have a resource folder that I update every once in awhile.  


    Here is a link to the drive



    Here is a link to the profiles



    If you would like to be directly shared or contribute a profile yourself, please PM me your gmail. If you have any question please PM me and I would be happy to answer. 


    Cheers and goodluck! 

    Outstanding- thank you so much!

  3. On 8/22/2019 at 10:23 AM, episome1996 said:

    yes I am very well aware.

    I'm applying to programs where faculty under each program studies behavioral genetics and for clinical psychology I'd still be happy conducting research as a clinical psychologist as well as practice, I've gone over these options with my adviser at the NIH. 

    Let's meet on-campus- I'm also at the NCI and applying to Neuroscience programs. I just faced my first rejection and am reeling. 

  4. What does it mean to be "ready" for grad school?

    I'm currently being advised by my peers to reconsider my graduate school readiness because of my mental health and previous experiences of trauma. What's odd is that I've made leaps and bounds to recenter myself & prioritize my well-being while maintaining productivity in the lab. Not sure why they're so concerned, it's making me wary. 

    Let's discuss this? 

  5. On 6/4/2019 at 6:29 PM, HawaiiLee808 said:

    Straight to PhD. MS's cost money usually and you're getting equivalent experience in your neuro postbacc. Really the MS is only for those who have zero science experience and are looking to switch into neuro.

    My postbacc is in Epigenetics & Chromatin Biology, haha. I don't have much bench experience in Neuroscience. May apply for an MS abroad (cheaper, accelerated.) 

  6. Has there been a definitive list of schools / programs no longer accepting / requiring the GRE? So far, I know that ISMMS (Sinai) and UW-Madison don't require it for Fall 2020... Let's try to get a list going?

  7. 1 hour ago, Zhili YY said:

    Hi guys! Congrats on all the acceptances!!! I'm applying the upcoming cycle (hopefully) for neuroscience or biomedical science and could really get some advise. 

    International student attending US college. GPA is not competitive (3.45/4.0), and only have one semester left, so no hope on rising that. Taking GRE next month and September if the previous one doesn't go well(aiming for ~325). RA in a computational neuro lab for 1.5 yrs, and I'm doing an independent study in that lab next semester too. Volunteering in a big neuro lab in Case this summer. No pub/poster. Here are my list so far, any suggestion? What do you think my chances are...

    Case, Cornell, Einstein, Mayo Clinic, Icahn, UW, UM Ann Arbor, BU, UMass Med,  U Colorado Denver 

    Also, question for international students who are attending especially biomedical programs. I see that majority program grants full tuition and fee wavier. Does international student get it too or do we have to find our own source of funding, like contacting professors?

    Shouldn't this be bumped to a Fall 2020 thread? I'm also applying this cycle... 

  8. Hey, everyone.

      I'm entering my second year as a Post-Baccalaureate CRTA Fellow at the NCI, and I will be applying to Neuroscience Ph.D programs for Fall 2020. My concern is my lack of Neuroscience background. I graduated from NYU CAS with a Biology B.A. (conc. Molecular and Cellular Biology) in 2016. I am strongly interested in the study of neuropsychiatric illnesses, namely PTSD; I have kept abreast with the relevant literature for the last three years. I have also briefly been in a Behavioral Neuroscience lab at Sinai prior to being selected for a Post-Bacc in May, 2018. Should I consider applying to a Neuroscience MS to develop stronger intellectual and experimental background in the field, or should I just apply to Ph.D programs straight?

    Any thoughts, concerns, grievances, etc. would be appreciated! 😅

  9. On 3/2/2018 at 3:07 PM, iwearflowers said:

    @Neuromantic - I’m also in the depression/anxiety boat and have found it super helpful to disclose the issue at work since it makes it possible to get the kind of support I need. That being said, I was repeatedly cautioned against disclosing in my applications because departments can see students with mental health issues as a risk. I ended up not mentioning the issue in my SOP but did talk about it during interviews. When I did disclose, I focused on talking about my determination, resilience, and coping skills and how those would translate into a PhD program. I also talked about how I was committed to staying in therapy/on meds during my program since I know it can be stressful and those are important elements in keeping me stable. This approach seemed to work well for me, as I was accepted at 5 of 6 schools I applied to, 4 of which were funded and 3 of which included competitive fellowships.

    That is absolutely amazing- I'm so proud of you! I deterred from a career in medicine primarily because of my traumatic experiences, so my narrative structure may be slightly different than your SOP. But all in all, your story gives me a lot of heart.

    (Everyone- my apologies for the incorrect grammar in my original post! I was at work and didn't have a chance to review before I submitted.)

  10. To everyone who responded in this thread so far, I commend you for your courage, resiliency, and strength.

    I was diagnosed with acute PTSD, depression, & anxiety during my transition from junior to senior year at NYU; I am a trauma survivor. I took two years off to rehabilitate and learn about myself again... I will be applying to MS/Ph.D programs in Neuroscience within the upcoming year and anticipate disclosing my disability (-ies) in both my application and interviews. I'm terrified. To cope in my current day-to-day as a researcher, I try to be as honest as possible with my lab mates- i.e. after a month, I disclosed to them and my PI. Everything has been steady so far.

    But my anxiety, imposter syndrome, and general fear is so overwhelming to the point of paralysis. I often spend time writing, making tea, and exploring the city (I'm from NYC) for self-care. Does it always help? No, but I have to keep trying if I want to be functioning enough if I want to work in high-stress conditions for the next 10 years.

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