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    Tulsa reacted to PianoPsych in WAMC <what are my chances> Fall 2020   
    Looks great to me- seems to me like you're an all-rounder¬†ūüėÉ
    On your worries:
    - Not enough research: being a PI is great; you have quite a few posters/powerpoint presentations which is a plus
    - Not enough publications: Correct me if I'm wrong, but most people do not have publications before starting their PhD; just wondering, what do you mean by "in progress" (drafting, written, submitted for review, in review, etc.)? 
    - Low undergrad GPA: you've shown with your Masters GPA that when you do focus on your academics you can do very well. I wouldn't be too worried about this if I were you.
    Good luck!
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    Tulsa reacted to personallycentered in Fall 2020 Clinical & Counseling PhD/PsyD   
    you should apply to many more.  even without knowing your stats, it's more than likely you won't be enrolled in a grad program if you only apply to those 7 schools. all phd psych programs are super competitive and the one's you have are super duper competitive.  if you can afford it, apply to as many as you can (16 is a good number to ensure you get in somewhere).
    in applying to more schools, try to diversify your geographic locations. those programs are comeptitive not only b/c of academic admission standards but also they are all on the east coast, everyone and their mom is applying to those east coast schools.
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    Tulsa got a reaction from personallycentered in Which social science PhD is easiest to get into? Best job market?   
    I wouldn't spend my time applying to economics PhD programs unless you have some significant math experience. I majored in economics during undergrad and saw that those who were successful in applying to econ PhD's typically double majored in math and econ (or at least minored in math), had 3.8+ GPA's, several years of research experience, and 166+ quant scores on their GRE's. The only other way is to have majored in a STEM discipline (math, physics, statistics, etc.) with high grades and equally high quant scores on the GRE. It's essentially an applied math degree when it comes down to it.
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    Tulsa reacted to ResilientDreams in Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!   
    I got into Cornell!!!
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    Tulsa got a reaction from GraceL in Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!   
    To any posters who received interviews for Georgia State or Miami Counseling Psych; when are the interview dates?
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    Tulsa got a reaction from ResilientDreams in Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!   
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    Tulsa reacted to ResilientDreams in Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!   
    It's an Education PhD program. 
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    Tulsa reacted to Jung&Psyched in Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!   
    Counseling psych at Southern Miss ! Very excited about this program and thrilled to have the opportunity to interview!
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